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Can you do something with that bug? I think thats really important for a non-english users that have national characters.

Thanks, Krzysztof Tataradziński

Can you add this in kate? svn://


Francesco Betti Sorbelli

I saw this in the Schedule's 4.4 Feature plan page: Granatier Replace Phonon with QtMultimedia for better sound

but also this in KDE4 Goals page:

new multimedia interface (Phonon, formely KDEMM) making KDE independent of one specific media framework

Is the fact to move to QT multimedia a good thing, or did I miss something?


Yohann Ferreira

KDE 4.3 saw Marble being usable as an (interactive) animated desktop backdrop. Could the KDEStars also be used in such a way? It seems like a natural continuation of Marble support.

Thanks, Michael Anderson

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