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Where would one put general requirements for plasmoids? For example I think that a plasmoid should be able to glue itself to a normal window, e.g. a kopete chat-window and act as "plug-on", i.e. communicate with the chat-window and e.g. display the buddy-icon of that chat-partner or contact-details, such as new email received by kmail etc.

So plasmoids would have to be able to start automatically when a new chat-window opens and glue themselves to it.

start by discussing it on the panel-devel at kde dot org mailing list where this is on-topic. please be prepared with actual "how this can be achieved" technical details.

I don't know where to report this so I'll do so here: the notice on that links to this wiki links to "Projects/Plasma/" (note the trailing slash), which is a non-existing page, the right one being "Projects/Plasma".

Fixed. Trailing slashes redirect to pages without trailing slashes. --Dhaumann 12:50, 20 August 2007 (CEST)

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