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Why is this such a total hypertext mess? Currently a user who wants to learn how to do X faces the following:


  In order to do X, do Y first. You may also want to do
  AlternativeY, which will require you to create a new
  user, but is a ReallyGoodWay(TM) to eventually do X.

The user wants to go the ReallyGoodWay(TM).

HOWTO AlternativeY:

  Oh, did we mention that you also need to setup a svn
  server, a bugzilla and an accounting system?

The user decides that ReallyGoodWay(TM) is the enemy of GettingStuffDone(R).


  In order to do Y, do A, B, and C first. Then...

User steps into.


   This tutorial assumes that you have studied the K, L, M, N,
   O, P, and Q tutorials thoroughly.

User postpones A.


   apt-get yadda yadda yadda

User is on ArchLinux and doesn't have apt-get.


   This tutorial assumes you have chosen to do AlternativeY.

At this point the user gives up having lost 3 hours.

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