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talk about KDE4_UPDATE_ICONCACHE(), see http://techbase.kde.org/Development/CMake/Addons_for_KDE#The_locations_of_install_directories --Tstaerk 15:40, 18 September 2011 (BST)


  • KDE4_UPDATE_ICONCACHE() is missing in CMakeLists from git.kde.org/kdeexamples/kicons
  • after the first clone, build and install, there is no appropriate icon for tutorial-kicon
  • you can restore this state:
    • tell the icon cache that there is no icon available
rm /usr/local/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/tutorial-kicon.svgz 
rm -rf /var/tmp/kdecache-root/icon-cache.kcache
    • redo the compile
cd /root/kdeexamples/kicons
rm -rf /root/kdeexamples/kicons/*
git checkout .
cmake . && make && make install && tutorial-kicon

You will see that there is no icon shown, although available.

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