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Now we have two ressources for getting involved:

Imho, we should add a link in (2) to (1) and cleanup (2) so that it gives a quick introduction and further links to subversion tutorial etc. Thoughts? Dhaumann 12:52, 24 December 2006 (CET)

agreed. i also think it might be worthwhile to promote this whole area to the front page. i just got an email with the too-common lament regarding kde development: "Getting the source is not the problem, figuring out the processes and the steps that follow is the challenge." seems to me the steps are: get set up, develop, contribute... so perhaps this contribute section should have it's own front page section after "developing with kde"? User:aseigo

I understand that this page is for developers, however, I think the "note" was giving mixed messages; i.e. the text is saying there are many ways to get involved and then the note said that (paraphrasing) "if you can't code, go here". I think that the note (and preamble) should be consistent and direct the user to where they can go whether they can code or not (or, even if they don't feel like coding)...

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