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 h English (en)Deliver your application with icons that are automatically installed to the right places. Based on the [[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|Kaction Tutorial]].
 h French (fr)Livrer votre application avec les icônes automatiquement installées aux bons endroits. Basé sur le [[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|tutoriel Kaction]].
 h Italian (it)Distribuire l'applicazione con le icone automaticamente installate al posto giusto. Basata sulla [[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|guida Kaction]].
 h Japanese (ja)アプリケーションを配布する際、アイコンが適切な場所に配置されるようにしましょう。[[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|Kaction のチュートリアル]]の完了を前提とします。
 h Dutch (nl)Lever uw applicatie af met iconen die automatisch op de correcte locatie worden geïnstalleerd. Gebaseerd op de [[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|KAction-tutorial]].
 h Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)Entregar seu aplicativo com ícones que são automaticamente instalados nos lugares certos. Baseado no  [[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|Kaction Tutorial]].
 h Chinese (China) (zh-cn)使用 KAction 您可以在分发应用程序时,将应用程序的图标自动安装到正确的位置。基于 [[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|KAction 教程]]。