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Welcome to KDE TechBaseCurrent message text
...E TechBase/Page display title/eoWelcome to KDE TechBase
...ons:Welcome to KDE TechBase/1/eo[[Special:myLanguage/Getting Started|Kiel agordi vian KDE programadan medion]]
:Eltrovu kiel akiri, munti, kaj ruli KDE.
...ons:Welcome to KDE TechBase/2/eo[[Special:myLanguage/Development|Ĉu vi volas programi kun KDE?]]
...ons:Welcome to KDE TechBase/3/eo[[Special:myLanguage/Development/Tutorials|
Tutorials]] | [ e-Book] | [ API Documentation] | [[Special:myLanguage/Development/FAQs|
and more.
...ons:Welcome to KDE TechBase/6/eo''Related'' [[Special:myLanguage/Schedules|
Release Schedules and Feature Plans]] | [[Special:myLanguage/Policies|
Code Contribution and Development Guidelines]]
...ons:Welcome to KDE TechBase/8/eo[[Special:myLanguage/KDE System Administration|KDE System Administration]]
:Information for system administrators managing KDE deployments.
...ons:Welcome to KDE TechBase/9/eo[[Special:myLanguage/Contribute|
Join the KDE Team and Contribute]]
:Contribute patches, keep in touch with and join our community.
KDE Project Policies]] | [ Donate Money]
...ns:Welcome to KDE TechBase/12/eoISV Information
...ns:Welcome to KDE TechBase/13/eo:Developer information for Independent Software Vendors.
...ns:Welcome to KDE TechBase/14/eo[[Special:myLanguage/Projects|
KDE projects]]
:Links to development wikis, task lists, etc. for various KDE Projects.
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