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...orkflow/Page display title/zh-cn翻译流程
...ons:Translation Workflow/1/zh-cn此页面上的一些信息已经过时。[[Tasks_and_Tools|任务和工具]] 页面包含工作指南的链接,涵盖了所有的常见任务,其中就包括如何进行在线和离线翻译。
...ons:Translation Workflow/2/zh-cn{{Warning|1=编辑新翻译系统的原始页面时,可以看到类似<nowiki>< !--T:1-- ></nowiki>这样的标签,一般按段落分隔。修改内容时不要改变标记。删除整段内容时,请将段落内容和标记一起删除。新增段落时,不需要添加标记 - 修改内容进入翻译阶段后会自动加入标记。这是需要和标记打交道的唯一地方 - 系统会处理剩下的所有事情。}}
...ons:Translation Workflow/4/zh-cn=== General guidelines ===
...ons:Translation Workflow/5/zh-cn;Expressions, jargon, and humor
: As you translate, you may encounter expressions, puns, or jargon that are specific to the original language and may be difficult to translate effectively. 
: In such cases, translate the concept or point the article is trying to convey and not the exact words. : Take care to ensure you capture the overall message, and don't worry about losing the humor or the colloquialism.
...ons:Translation Workflow/6/zh-cn;Proper names
: Company names and product names should never be translated. Proper company names and product names should always remain in English, no matter what language you are translating for. 
: People's names should remain in English for Latin-based languages, but you may transliterate them for non-Latinbased alphabets.
...ons:Translation Workflow/7/zh-cn;Terminology
: For help with translating tricky constructions or technical terms, consult the translation-sharing site to: [ TAUS]. 
: Simply enter your desired text and then choose which language to translate it from and to. Not all terms are included for all languages, but this can be a helpful tool for completing accurate translations.
...ons:Translation Workflow/8/zh-cn;Titles of works
: When you run across the title of a book, program, feature, distro, or other public work, check to see if that title has already been officially translated for your language (by the publisher or distributor), and if so, use that translation. 
: If you cannot find a translation for that particular title in your language, do your best to translate it as accurately as possible.
...ons:Translation Workflow/9/zh-cn;Units of measure
: Convert units of measure to make them relevant for the intended language or region.
...ns:Translation Workflow/10/zh-cn;User interface terms
: Translate user interface terms as appropriate for your language.
...ns:Translation Workflow/11/zh-cnSee here for more information:
...ns:Translation Workflow/12/zh-cn1.
...ns:Translation Workflow/13/zh-cn2. Glossary:
...ns:Translation Workflow/14/zh-cn3. Another Glossary:
...ns:Translation Workflow/15/zh-cn== Guidelines specific to a Language ==
...ns:Translation Workflow/16/zh-cnUserBase proposes to have Team Leaders for each language.  Techbase may, at a later date, do the same.  As we get leaders appointed, they will take charge of a page of guidelines for their specific language, where they will be named.  They will have final say on any question relating to their language.  The guidelines will be linked from [[Translation_Workflow#Language-specific_guideline_pages|Language-specific guideline pages]].
...ns:Translation Workflow/17/zh-cn== Keeping up to date with development ==
...ns:Translation Workflow/18/zh-cnI propose that the Discussion page attached to this page should be used for orderly debate about general issues noted, particularly issues where existing markup is causing problems.  I would ask you to put a Watch on [[Talk:Translation_Workflow]].
...ns:Translation Workflow/19/zh-cn== Getting a Better Understanding of the Process ==
...ns:Translation Workflow/20/zh-cnFor a fuller description of the Translate extension, read the description on [ the developers' website]
...ns:Translation Workflow/21/zh-cn{{Tip|1=Monitor the status of your language statistics by monitoring the page or simply [[Special:LanguageStats]] if you have your own language set as the interface language of TechBase.}}
...ns:Translation Workflow/22/zh-cn==Language-specific guideline pages ==
...ns:Translation Workflow/23/zh-cnVolunteer Team Leaders, please link your page from here (or ask for help)
...ns:Translation Workflow/25/zh-cn:[[Translation_Workflow/French|French]]
:[[Translation_Workflow/zh-tw|Traditional Chinese]]
...ns:Translation Workflow/24/zh-cn[[Category:Translator_Help]]
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