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...n Workflow/Page display title/elΡοή μετάφρασης
...ations:Translation Workflow/1/elSome of the information that was on this page is now outdated.  How-Tos exist for all the common contributor tasks, including translation, both on- and off-line, and can be found linked from [[Tasks_and_Tools|Tasks and Tools]].
...ations:Translation Workflow/2/el{{Warning|1=When editing pages that are already marked for translation, you will see section markers similar to <nowiki>< !--T:1-- ></nowiki>. Usually each paragraph is one section. You should not change the markers, unless you fully delete a section, in which case you should simply remove the old marker. When adding new sections, you don't need to add marker to it – the marker will be added automatically when your changes are approved for translation. If you want to move a section, move also the section marker with it.  That is the only time when you touch the markers - the system will do the rest.}}
...ations:Translation Workflow/4/el=== Γενικές οδηγίες ===
...ations:Translation Workflow/5/el;Expressions, jargon, and humor
: As you translate, you may encounter expressions, puns, or jargon that are specific to the original language and may be difficult to translate effectively. 
: In such cases, translate the concept or point the article is trying to convey and not the exact words. : Take care to ensure you capture the overall message, and don't worry about losing the humor or the colloquialism.
...ations:Translation Workflow/6/el;Proper names
: Company names and product names should never be translated. Proper company names and product names should always remain in English, no matter what language you are translating for. 
: People's names should remain in English for Latin-based languages, but you may transliterate them for non-Latinbased alphabets.
...ations:Translation Workflow/7/el;Terminology
: For help with translating tricky constructions or technical terms, consult the translation-sharing site to: [ TAUS]. 
: Simply enter your desired text and then choose which language to translate it from and to. Not all terms are included for all languages, but this can be a helpful tool for completing accurate translations.
...ations:Translation Workflow/8/el;Titles of works
: When you run across the title of a book, program, feature, distro, or other public work, check to see if that title has already been officially translated for your language (by the publisher or distributor), and if so, use that translation. 
: If you cannot find a translation for that particular title in your language, do your best to translate it as accurately as possible.
...ations:Translation Workflow/9/el;Μονάδες μέτρησης
: Μετατρέψτε τις μονάδες μέτρησης ανάλογα στις αντίστοιχες της δικής σας γλώσσας ή περιοχής.
...tions:Translation Workflow/10/el;Όροι διεπαφής χρήστη
: Μεταφράστε τους όρους διεπαφών χρήστη όπως είναι καλύτερα κατάλληλοι για τη γλώσσα σας.
...tions:Translation Workflow/11/elΔείτε εδώ για περισσότερες πληροφορίες:
...tions:Translation Workflow/12/el1.
...tions:Translation Workflow/13/el2. Γλωσσάρι:
...tions:Translation Workflow/14/el3. Άλλο Γλωσσάρι:
...tions:Translation Workflow/15/el== Οδηγίες σχετικές με μια Γλώσσα ==
...tions:Translation Workflow/16/elΤο UserBase προτείνει να υπάρχουν Αρχηγοί Ομάδων για κάθε γλώσσα. Το TechBase θα μπορούσε αργότερα να κάνει το ίδιο. Όταν θα έχουν οριστεί αρχηγοί, θα είναι υπεύθυνοι να φτιάχνουν μια σελίδα με οδηγίες μετάφρασης για τη δική τους γλώσσα. Θα έχουν τον τελικό λόγο σε κάθε ερώτηση σχετική με τη γλώσσα τους. Οι οδηγίες θα συνδεθούν από το [[Translation_Workflow#Language-specific_guideline_pages|Οδηγίες ανά γλώσσα]].
...tions:Translation Workflow/17/el== Keeping up to date with development ==
...tions:Translation Workflow/18/elI propose that the Discussion page attached to this page should be used for orderly debate about general issues noted, particularly issues where existing markup is causing problems.  I would ask you to put a Watch on [[Talk:Translation_Workflow]].
...tions:Translation Workflow/19/elΚαλύτερη κατανόηση της διαδικασίας
...tions:Translation Workflow/20/elFor a fuller description of the Translate extension, read the description on [ the developers' website]
...tions:Translation Workflow/21/el{{Tip|1=Monitor the status of your language statistics by monitoring the page or simply [[Special:LanguageStats]] if you have your own language set as the interface language of TechBase.}}
...tions:Translation Workflow/22/el==Language-specific guideline pages ==
...tions:Translation Workflow/23/elVolunteer Team Leaders, please link your page from here (or ask for help)
...tions:Translation Workflow/25/el:[[Translation_Workflow/French|Γαλλικά]]
...tions:Translation Workflow/24/el[[Category:Translator_Help]]
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