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...p:Contents/Page display title/frHelp:Contenus
Translations:Help:Contents/1/frBefore you start to add or change content, please read:
* [[Help:Contribute|Contributing to TechBase]]
* [[Help:Wiki Structure|Wiki Structure]]
* [[Help:Wiki Translation|Translation into other Languages]]
* [[KDE_TechBase:Migrate_content|Migrating Content]]
* [[KDE_TechBase:Contributors|List of active contributors]], also contact points
Translations:Help:Contents/2/fr== Wiki Syntax ==
Translations:Help:Contents/3/frTo get started with the MediaWiki syntax, read:
* [ Help on Editing]
* [ Wikitables]
Translations:Help:Contents/4/fr* [ Syntax for displaying images]
* [ Magic words]
Translations:Help:Contents/5/fr* [ The most important commands]
* How to [[KDE TechBase:Migrate content|Migrate content]]
Translations:Help:Contents/6/fr== Tips ==
Translations:Help:Contents/7/fr; Syntax highlighting
: Wrap your C++ Qt/KDE code snippets in <tt>&lt;syntaxhighlight lang="cpp"&gt;</tt>, <tt>&lt;syntaxhighlight lang="cpp" line=""&gt;</tt>, <tt>&lt;syntaxhighlight lang="cpp-qt"&gt;</tt> and <tt>&lt;/syntaxhighlight&gt;</tt> to get syntax highlighting (<tt>cpp</tt> for C++, <tt>cpp-qt</tt> for Qt) and numbered lines (<tt>line=""</tt>). Replace <tt>cpp</tt> with [ the language used], e.g. <tt>ruby</tt> for Ruby and <tt>python</tt> for Python (soon). Use <tt>ini</tt> for {{path|.desktop}} files, <tt>xml</tt> for XML files.
Translations:Help:Contents/8/fr== New Templates ==
Translations:Help:Contents/9/frTo get a list of pages using a template, go to corresponding template page (e.g. [[Template:movepage]]) and click "''What links here''" in the toolbox.
Translations:Help:Contents/10/fr; [[Template:movepage|<nowiki>{{movepage|url}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to mark a page as not finished.
Translations:Help:Contents/11/fr; [[Template:Improve|<nowiki>{{improve|explanation}}</nowiki>]]
: Pages which need cleanups or contain empty sections and/or todos are marked with this template. Add an explanation if you want (optional)
Translations:Help:Contents/12/fr; [[Template:tip|<nowiki>{{tip|text}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to add a tip for the reader.
Translations:Help:Contents/13/fr; [[Template:note|<nowiki>{{note|text}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to add an explanatory note.
Translations:Help:Contents/14/fr; [[Template:warning|<nowiki>{{warning|text}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to add a warning.
Translations:Help:Contents/15/fr; [[Template:qt|<nowiki>{{qt|class-name}}</nowiki>]] and [[Template:qt3|<nowiki>{{qt3|class-name}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to generate a link to a Qt class, e.g. QWidget. For Qt3 classes use <nowiki>{{qt3|class-name}}</nowiki>
Translations:Help:Contents/16/fr; [[Template:class|<nowiki>{{class|class-name}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to generate a link to a KDE class, e.g. KDialog.
Translations:Help:Contents/17/fr; [[Template:path|<nowiki>{{path|path-or-filename}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template for paths and filenames, this way all of them have a consistent style.
Translations:Help:Contents/18/fr; [[Template:bug|<nowiki>{{bug|123456}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to automatically create a link to KDE's bugzilla.
Translations:Help:Contents/19/fr; [[Template:KDE3|<nowiki>{{KDE3}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to mark the content of a page as applicable for either KDE 3. Don't tag technology agnostic pages. For KDE4 content, use <nowiki>[[Category:KDE4]]</nowiki>.
Translations:Help:Contents/20/fr; [[Template:TutorialBrowser|<nowiki>{{TutorialBrowser|series|name|pre|next|reading}}</nowiki>]]
: A template for tutorial navigation
Translations:Help:Contents/21/fr; [[Template:Box|<nowiki>{{Box|caption|text|width|float}}</nowiki>]] - Deprecated, please use Box1
: Use this template to create a box with a caption and a text. The width parameter is optional and can be specified absolute (400px) or relative (50%). The last parameter is the float value, which is also optional and defaults to center.
Translations:Help:Contents/22/fr; [[Template:Box1|<nowiki>{{Box1|text|caption|icon image|color code}}</nowiki>]]
: Use this template to create a box with a caption and a text. The color colde parameter is optional. Normally you would use one of the partial instantiations of Box1, such as [[Template:Info]], [[Template:Note]], [[Template:Tip]], [[Template:Warning]], or [[Template:Remember]]; each of these take a title as an optional second argument.
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