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.../Tutorials/Page display title/jaDevelopment/Tutorials
...tions:Development/Tutorials/2/jaチュートリアルは、あなたが KDE に何ができるのか、どのように使えばいいのかを知るための最速の手段です。ここにあるチュートリアルは '''KDE4''' についてのものです。KDE3 と KDE2 用のものは、このページの末尾にあります。
...tions:Development/Tutorials/3/ja== KDE 4 プログラミングの基礎 ==
...tions:Development/Tutorials/4/jaKDE 4 アプリケーションを書くことに興味をお持ちですか? このチュートリアルは、KDE プログラミング初心者のためのものです。
...tions:Development/Tutorials/5/jaHello World
...tions:Development/Tutorials/6/jaKDE4 プログラミングの最も基本的なことについて説明します。
...tions:Development/Tutorials/9/jaKAction を使う
...ions:Development/Tutorials/14/jaKIO ライブラリを導入し、アプリケーションで読み込みと保存ができるようにします。
...ions:Development/Tutorials/15/jaSQLite と QtSq の利用
...ions:Development/Tutorials/19/jaIntroduction to CMake
...ions:Development/Tutorials/20/jaHow to use the CMake build system used by KDE4.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/21/jaCommon Programming Mistakes
...ions:Development/Tutorials/22/jaVarious common mistakes made while developing Qt and KDE applications and how to avoid them.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/23/jaDebugging Linker Errors
...ions:Development/Tutorials/24/jaHow to understand and debug errors from the linker, at compile time.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/25/jaUsing Qt Creator to develop your KDE program
...ions:Development/Tutorials/26/jaHow to use Qt Creator as an [ IDE] to develop KDE programs
...ions:Development/Tutorials/27/jaCreating Libraries to share code
...ions:Development/Tutorials/28/jaHow to add the library to the buildsystem and how to prepare the source code.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/29/jaSession Management
...ions:Development/Tutorials/30/jaMake your application aware of X sessions
...ions:Development/Tutorials/32/jaDeliver your application with icons that are automatically installed to the right places. Based on the [[Development/Tutorials/Using_KActions|Kaction Tutorial]].
...ions:Development/Tutorials/33/jaDesktop File
...ions:Development/Tutorials/34/jaLet your application show up in the K menu and in application menus. Based on the Icons Tutorial.
;[[Development/Tutorials/Building_An_Existing_Application|Building an Existing KDE Application]]
If you want to improve an existing application, you can usually build and install it easily. This tutorial shows how to build an application in a way that doesn't interfere with your system. If you do not need to modify kdelibs this may be the easiest way to get started with development.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/35/ja== Testing And Debugging ==
...ions:Development/Tutorials/36/jaDebugging your application
...ions:Development/Tutorials/37/jaTips, tools and techniques to apply when debugging your KDE application
...ions:Development/Tutorials/38/jaWriting Unittests for Qt4 and KDE4 with QTestLib
...ions:Development/Tutorials/39/jaOriginal link
...ions:Development/Tutorials/40/jaTutorial by [ Brad Hards] that describes how to write unit tests using the QTestLib framework. It is presented as an example based tutorial, and is still under development.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/41/jaSemi-automatic ways to detect code errors
...ions:Development/Tutorials/42/ja:Techniques you can use to detect errors in KDE code
...ions:Development/Tutorials/43/ja== Managing Configuration Data With KConfig ==
...ions:Development/Tutorials/44/jaIntroduction To KConfig
...ions:Development/Tutorials/45/jaAn overview of the KConfig classes and how to use them in your application code
...ions:Development/Tutorials/46/jaUsing KConfig XT
...ions:Development/Tutorials/47/jaTutorial on how to efficiently use the KConfig XT framework.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/48/jaUpdating KConfig Files
...ions:Development/Tutorials/49/jaTutorial on how to write an update script to keep changes in your application's config file format in sync with the user's already existing config file
...ions:Development/Tutorials/50/ja== Services: Applications and Plugins ==
...ions:Development/Tutorials/51/jaIntroduction to the Services Framework
...ons:Development/Tutorials/301/jaAn overview of the services framework in KDE and what it provides the application developer. Covers the system configuration cache (SyCoCa), the source data files and what the indexed information can be used for.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/52/jaFinding Services Using Trader Queries
...ions:Development/Tutorials/53/jaHow to find services, such as plugins or mimetypes, that are indexed in the SyCoCa using Trader Query Syntax
...ions:Development/Tutorials/54/jaCreating and Loading Plugins Using KService]]
:Learn how to define custom plugin types, find installed plugins (including 3rd party plugins) and load them in an easy and portable fashion using KService.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/55/ja== Localization ==
...ions:Development/Tutorials/56/jaSee also [[Special:myLanguage/Localization|Localization portal]].
...ions:Development/Tutorials/57/jaIntroduction To Unicode]]
:An introduction to what Unicode is as well as how to handle Unicode data in KDE applications.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/58/jaWriting Applications With Localization In Mind
...ions:Development/Tutorials/59/jaThis tutorial covers what localization is, why it's important and how to ensure your application is ready to be localized. A must read for all application developers.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/60/jaAvoiding Common Localization Pitfalls
...ions:Development/Tutorials/61/jaThere are several common mistakes that prevent applications from being properly localized. Find out what they are and how to easily avoid them in this tutorial.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/62/jaBuilding KDE's Localization Module
...ions:Development/Tutorials/63/jaBuilding and installing language support from KDE's localization (l10n) module is a good idea for those working on applications in the main KDE repository. Doing so will allow you to test your application in another language and spot problem areas. Learn how to do just that in this tutorial.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/64/jaIncorporating i18n Into the Build System
...ions:Development/Tutorials/65/jaOnce your application is ready to be localized, the next step is to ensure that translation files are built automatically and kept up to date. This tutorial covers the necessary CMakeFiles.txt additions as well the process of distributing the resulting message catalogs with your application.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/66/jaCommon i18n Challenges and Solutions
...ions:Development/Tutorials/67/jaThis tutorial covers challenges that you may eventually run into such as translating handbooks and other data that exists outside of the source code, merging and handling obsolete .po files, dealing with freezes, coding in languages other than English and creating independent releases of or moving applications between KDE modules.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/68/jaSemantic Markup of Messages
...ions:Development/Tutorials/69/jaTo ensure consistent presentation and more meaningful representations of messages in applications, semantic markup can be applied to messages marked for translation using the KUIT system. This tutorial describes how this system works.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/70/jaAutomated i18n Code Checking
...ions:Development/Tutorials/71/jaThe Krazy code checker scans KDE's code and reports common i18n mistakes.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/72/ja== Documentation ==
...ions:Development/Tutorials/73/jaAPI Documentation
...ions:Development/Tutorials/74/jaThis tutorial explains how to document your APIs properly.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/75/jaMan Pages
...ions:Development/Tutorials/76/jaWriting and Generating Reference Manual Pages.
;Source Code
...ions:Development/Tutorials/77/jaAccessibility Overview
...ions:Development/Tutorials/78/jaA list of accessibility tutorials and general information.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/79/jaAccessibility Checklist
...ions:Development/Tutorials/80/jaWhat to look for in your application to make it accessible for as many people as possible.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/81/jaScreen Reader
...ions:Development/Tutorials/82/jaThis tutorial will explain some details about using screen readers with KDE applications.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/84/jaHow to utilize Jovie text-to-speech service in your application.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/85/ja== Application Automation and Scripting ==
...ions:Development/Tutorials/86/ja=== D-Bus ===
...ions:Development/Tutorials/87/jaIntroduction to D-Bus
...ions:Development/Tutorials/88/jaA straight-forward introduction to the core concepts in D-Bus from an application developer's perspective, this tutorial covers what D-Bus is and how it can be used by applications.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/89/jaAccessing D-Bus Interfaces
...ions:Development/Tutorials/90/jaA step-by-step guide to calling D-Bus methods and connecting to D-Bus signals using QtDBus.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/91/jaIntermediate D-Bus
...ions:Development/Tutorials/92/jaTips to make use of QtDBus when faced with problematic real-world interfaces.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/93/jaCreating D-Bus Interfaces
...ions:Development/Tutorials/94/jaLearn how to expose functionality in your application by creating and using custom D-Bus interfaces. Covers generating the XML descriptions, instantiating interfaces at run time and setting up the build system with CMake.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/95/jaUsing Custom Types with D-Bus
...ions:Development/Tutorials/96/jaLearn how to use your own types in classes exported on D-Bus. Covers marhaling and unmarshaling of objects, the integration of custom types into XML descriptions and registering the custom types with the Qt Meta Object system.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/97/jaD-Bus Autostart Services
...ions:Development/Tutorials/98/jaTurn your application into a D-Bus autostart service with this tutorial. This D-Bus feature, also known as "D-Bus service activation", will ensure that even when your application isn't running that D-Bus calls made to it will work by relying on the D-Bus daemon itself to start your app if and when needed.
...ions:Development/Tutorials/99/jaPorting from DCOP to D-Bus
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