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Information about the group Translation of the wiki page Development/FAQs.
Development/FAQsCurrent message text
...pment/FAQs/Page display title/esDesarrollo/Preguntas más frecuentes
Translations:Development/FAQs/1/es;[[Special:myLanguage/Development/FAQs/General FAQ|General questions]]
:How to get involved in KDE development
;[[Special:myLanguage/Development/FAQs/Technical FAQ|Technical questions]]
:Technical questions for KDE developers
;[[Special:myLanguage/Development/FAQs/Debugging FAQ|Debugging questions]]
:How to debug your application
Translations:Development/FAQs/2/esIf you have questions which are not answered in the FAQs simply add them. Other contributors will probably answer.
Original question list by Philippe Fremy, answers by David Faure.
Translations:Development/FAQs/3/esContributions from: Marco Krohn, Malte Starostik, Andreas Pour, Waldo Bastian, Lars Knoll, Triskelios, Eric Sigra, Rolf Dubitzky, Martijn Klingens, Karl-Heinz Zimmer, George Staikos.
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