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You can find out about the schedule for 3.1 in the KDE 3.1 release plan.

If you cannot finish a feature in time, please consider moving it to the KDE 3.2 Planned Features.



In Progress
(works mostly)

KDE libs

  • SSL certificate policies based on host name <[email protected]>
  • A detailed list view for KFileMetaInfo, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org>


  • Page info and frame info dialog, working but could be enhanced. George Staikos

KDE Print

  • LPRng plugin rewrite


  • A konqsiderbar plugin for KFileMetaInfo, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org>
  • A detailed list view for KFileMetaInfo, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org>
  • Integrating searching for metadata and multimedia files (using KFileMetaInfo and GIFT / kmrml) in the "Find" dialog, Carsten Pfeiffer <[email protected]>


  • Ability to merge custom menu with desktop menu, Waldo Bastian
  • "[DesktopIcons] GridXSpacing" in kdeglobals controls LineUp horizontal spacing.
  • "[Mouse Buttons] WheelSwitchesWorkspace=true" in kdesktoprc activates mouse wheel switching.

KFile Plugins

  • gif: Able to set gif comments, and display gif metadata. Bryce Nesbitt (bryce2 at obviously.com).
  • desktop: Get information about desktop entry files, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org>
  • vCard: Displays name and email address, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>

KDE Admin

  • kcmlinuz <[email protected]>
    • Make it a standalone application to waste less screen space
    • Add capability to search for configuration options


  • Create video framework
  • Port applications to use new framework
  • Consistent i18n everywhere


  • Add caching vorbis playobject to base distribution so we can distribute KDE sounds in a much smaller format


  • Make it possible to replace K-Menu with custom menu, Waldo Bastian


  • KImageViewer interface
  • KView Plugins
  • Plugin for slideshows
  • Printing
  • proper support for the mousewheel
  • Automatic resizing


  • A KCM for changing X11 resolution and gamma correction, emma85x at yahoo.com




  • Create framework to effectivly "disable" certain features. Think kiosk-mode, think "don't allow user to select custom wallpapers in public places", Waldo Bastian <[email protected]>


  • New hiding mode: into background. Unhide can be triggered by moving to mouse to a corner.
  • Reorganize hiding options in control module.
  • Support for multiple clocks, set to different time zones, Rik Hemsley <[email protected]>
  • Group tasks only when taskbar full (Simon MacMullen)
  • Konsole button converted to menuext with bookmark support. (Berend De Schouwer)
  • Support for mouse-over animation like konqueror and kdesktop, Allan Sandfeld <[email protected]>


  • A modified thumbnail kioslave to use a thumbnail extracted from the file if possible, rather than scanning the entire file., Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org> and Frank Pieczynski <pieczy at knuut dot de>
  • Inclusion of kio_fish, a KIO-slave to access a remote filesystem via SSH/SCP
  • kio_smtp clean up for efficiency and correctness


  • Tabbed browsing support (Doug Hanley)
  • Folder icons reflect contents (Simon MacMullen)
  • Enable / disable all previews at once (Simon MacMullen)
  • Digital camera jpeg previews obey orientation information
  • Add multiple selection to bookmark editor, Alexander Kellett <[email protected]>
  • Show 256x256 previews in the iconview tooltip - Simon MacMullen
  • Offer to re-post form data when reloading the result of a formular - David Faure
  • Support all the common Microsoft symbols (TM, Bullet, Stupid Quotes, etc.) that infect webpages today.
  • Auto-scroll for web pages controlled by Shift+arrow keys.


  • Allow user to select in a nice treeview which entries he wants to be added.


  • Kate: make the XML plugin completion popup automatically (Daniel Naber)
  • Kate: add an XML checker (frontend to xmllint) (Daniel Naber)
  • Improved task information, Richard Moore <[email protected]>
    (see http://xmelegance.org/devel/ for code and docs):
    • KPassivePopup - A popup widget displayed adjacent to the taskbar icon of window.
    • KWindowInfo - A utility class that allows messages to be displayed in the window title and icon. These classes are now in kdelibs.
  • Activate rtsp:// handler, George Staikos
  • A new kioslave/job for asynchronous reading KFileMetaInfo of a KFileItemList, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org>
  • Added "Open File", "Open Destination" and "Keep this window open" to download progress dialog.
  • KDatePicker gained week number (ISO 8601) display and selection.
  • Fix khtml printing (Waldo Bastian)
  • Extended the DCOP command-line client to (i) enable non-GUI applicatons (such as shell scripts, cron jobs, and system processes) to use DCOP; and (ii) send DCOP messages to multiple users and/or sessions concurrently.
    This would enable, for example, the system shutdown command to pop up a dialog to all system users informing them of a pending shutdown. (Martijn Klingens <[email protected]>)
  • new class KNotifyDialog allows the user to configure the app's notifications. (Carsten Pfeiffer)
  • Allow automatic synchronizing of the otherwise separate X11 Clipboard and Selection. (Carsten Pfeiffer)
  • New method in KLocale to retrieve/set first day of a week (needed for some Asian countries where the week doesn't start on Monday or Sunday) (Lukas Tinkl)
  • The date picker widget now fully respects the first day of a week (Lukas Tinkl)
  • Support for multimedia keys (XF86_XKBack etc.). (Lubos Lunak)
  • Delayed on-demand icon loading improving startup performance. (Lubos Lunak)

KFile Plugins

  • jpeg: From the GUI or the command line, able to display & set jpeg comments, and show digital camera exif (extended information) data. Who knows, one day it may even play audio files embedded inside images. Frank Pieczynski <pieczy at knuut dot de> and Bryce (bryce2 at obviously.com).
  • diff: Display some basic info about a diff file, such as number of lines changed, added, removed, format of the diff, etc. Otto Bruggeman <bruggie at bruggie dot dnsalias dot org>
  • c++: Get some stats like lines of code and comment and the number of included files, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org>
  • rpm: Information like package name and version, Laurence Anderson <l.d.anderson at warwick dot ac dot uk>
  • deb: Information like package name and version, Laurence Anderson <l.d.anderson at warwick dot ac dot uk>
  • ico: Display # of icons, resolution and # colors of 1st icon, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>
  • targa: Display resolution, bit depth, and compression method, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>
  • xbm: Display resolution, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>
  • bmp: Display type, resolution, bit depth, and compression method, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>
  • au: Display length, sample rate, encoding, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>
  • html: Read title, doctype and metatags, and whether the file contains javascript, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus at kde dot org>
  • tiff: Read the usual image information like resolution as well as the comments that are available, Nadeem Hasan <nhasan at nadmm dot com>
  • txt: Create output similar to the wc command, showing things like number of words and lines, Nadeem Hasan <nhasan at nadmm dot com>
  • folder: Displays number of files contained and space used (Simon MacMullen)
  • avi: Displays resolution, length, fps and codecs used, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>
  • message/rfc822: Displays From, To, Subject and Content-Type lines, Shane Wright <me at shanewright.co.uk>


  • Added "cutToBeginningOfLine" option.
  • Made timeout for "Monitor for Silence" configurable.
  • kfile-bookmarks menu integration ("Add Bookmark" on non-Linux only with "\[\e]31;\w\a\]" prompt).
  • Start new shell at given bookmark (supports ssh://[email protected] and telnet://host like bookmarks).
  • konsolepart uses BrowserExtension::openURLRequest() (only with "\[\e]31;\w\a\]" prompt).
  • Session management saves initial or current (non-Linux only if set with "\[\e]31;\w\a\]" prompt) directory.
  • Extended drag and drop popupmenu with "cp", "ln" and "mv" entries.
  • Session views are temporarily detachable from main window.
  • Improved "Find in History...": Regular expressions support, "Find Next", "Find Previous".
  • Shortcuts are now configurable via graphical interface.
  • Added shortcuts for session switch menu, switching to first 12 sessions and font size variation.
  • Made Ctrl-S/Ctrl-Q flow control (Ctrl-S freezes shell) an option with default off.
  • Parameters for keyboard and schema selection.
  • "Clear Terminal" and "Reset and Clear Terminal" commands.
  • Optionally prevent programs from changing the window size.
  • Support for Unix98 tty devices.
  • "Copy" menu entries and don't write to clipboard automatically.
  • Addition of "random" background colours, and the "BlackOnLightColour" schema, Alexander Kellett <[email protected]
  • Allow to save current sessions as profile and start them with --profile parameter.
  • Added "--noclose" parameter to not close Konsole when command exits.


  • Add "Dynamic Word Wrap" (soft wrapping of the textlines at the window border)
  • Add "Code Folding" (now you can collapse/expand for example functions on C++)
  • Improved printing, which means: print line number, print with syntaxhighlighting, ...
  • Fix XIM input, enhance Unicode support (sorry, bidi support still missing)
  • Updated Plugin-Interface, to make sure to be BC with 3.2 from 3.1
  • Static word wrap fixed (at least all known bugs solved)
  • Optional new GUI mode: "Modern Style"



  • Add support for KPassivePopup and KWindowInfo (partially working, see kdelibs entry below). Richard Moore <[email protected]>, Till Krech, Carsten Pfeiffer


  • Added a GUI for the "Desktops navigation wraps around" feature that was added in 3.0.
  • Made minor key accelerators fixes.
  • Keyboard navigation of the operations menu corrected.
  • Fixed order of cascading for windows present on a desktop
  • Fixed the problem with kicker systray applets vanishing after a kicker crash
  • Desktop name popups on desktop switch, Alexander Kellett <[email protected]>
  • Added titlebar buttons layout configurability to the KStep decoration style, Keunwoo Lee <[email protected]>


  • Integrated table of contents of application manuals into documentation tree view.
  • Improved integration for documentation of KControl modules, Kicker applets, KInfoCenter modules and Konqueror plugins.
  • Cleaned up interface for plugging in third-party documentation.


  • libkabc
    • Plugin interface for resources and formats.
    • Control module for configuring multiple resources.
    • Optional directory resource which stores each entry as own file.
    • LDAP resource.
    • Optional binary storage format for better performance with large addressbooks.
    • Completed support for vCard entities: sound, geo, key and some more.
    • vCard 2.1 import.
    • LDAP aware mail address input field.
  • KAddressbook
    • New card and icon views.
    • Multiple configurable views.
    • "kab-style" details view for selected entry.
    • Customizable view filters.
    • Customizable categories for addressbook entries.
    • Support for transparently accessing multiple addressbooks.
    • Redesigned entry editor widget.
    • Printing option supporting two different styles.
    • Optional embedded entry and ditribution list editor.
    • "Jump bar" for quick alphabetical access of entries.
    • Fetch addresses from LDAP servers, including support for multiple servers.
    • Importing of vCard 2.1 files.
    • Improved CSV import (including template for import from Outlook 2000).
    • vCard export.
  • KAlarm
    • Add option for alarms to execute a command
    • Implement daily, weekly, monthly and annual recurrences
    • Provide option to play audio file when alarm triggers
  • KPilot
    • Time conduit
    • VCal conduits (Todo and Calendar) finally work
    • AvantGo conduit
    • Port addressbook conduit to libkabc
  • KOrganizer
    • General
      • User-definable templates for events and todos.
      • Alarms for todos.
      • Automatic HTML export on save of calendar file.
      • Time table print view.
      • New "location" attribute for events.
      • Experimental "Get Hot New Stuff" button for downloading and uploading calendar files of common interest.
    • Views
      • New "Next 3 days" view.
      • Selection of time span for a new event in day and week views.
      • Direct manipulation of priority, completion status and categories of todos by context menus.
      • Deletion of individual instances of recurring events.
      • Rewritten month view.
      • Coloring of events in month view based on categories.
      • Coloring of due and overdue todos.
      • Improved "What's Next" view.
      • Configurable cell height in week and day views
    • Group scheduling
      • iMIP group scheduling functions for todos.
      • Publishing of Free/Busy information by iMIP conformant email.
      • Improved automatisation of group scheduling.
    • Interoperability and integration
      • Support for "webcal" URLs in Konqueror (known from Apple iCal).
      • Support for iCalendar based drag&drop.
      • KOrganizer now shares the dialogs for categories with KAddressBook.
      • Improved iCalendar conformance.
      • Improved right-to-left languages support.
      • Bug fixes for non-latin1 encodings.
    • Plugins
      • New plugin for importing birthdays from the KDE address book.
      • New plugin for accessing calendar data on an Exchange 2000 server.
  • KNotes

KDE Games

KDE Network

  • KMail:
    • The 'Delete' Action now irrevocably deletes messages. Use 'Move to Trash' to put messages into the trashcan. (Martin Koller)
    • Optional columns for the number of unread messages and the total number of messages in the folder list (Carsten Burghardt)
    • Custom folder icons (Zack Rusin)
    • Improved OpenPGP support (Ingo Klöcker):
      • Allow multiple encryption keys per email address, e.g. for distribution lists
      • Allow rereading of keys in the key selection dialog, e.g. after the user has imported a key.
      • Allow rechecking of keys in the key selection dialog, e.g. after the user has signed a key.
    • PGP/MIME (encryption/signing of attachments, RFC 3156) for GnuPG users and S/MIME support via plugins (collective effort of Ägypten <[email protected]> and KMail <[email protected]> developers)
    • Redesign of the identity configuration dialog (Marc Mutz)
    • Default identity can now be renamed (Marc Mutz)
    • Identity-dependant default Bcc (Ingo Klöcker)
    • Optional MIME tree viewer, allowing direct access to all body parts (attachments) (Karl-Heinz Zimmer)
    • Custom date format (Zack Rusin)
    • Improved IMAP support (Carsten Burghardt)
    • Reorganized menu bar looks more like other KDE applications (Martin Koller, Marc Mutz)
    • Support for decoding uuencoded attachments (Marc Mutz)
    • Custom hostname to send to the SMTP server (Aaron Seigo)
    • Improved 'Reply to Mailing-List' (Marc Mutz)
    • Separate the 'New Message' action and the 'Post to Mailing-List' action. This means with 'New Message' the To: field of the new message will no longer be filled automatically with the mailing list's posting address if the currently selected folder is associated with a mailing list. (Ingo Klöcker)
    • Improved support for RTL languages esp. Hebrew (Diego Iastrubni, Meni Livne)
    • Allow the user to enable HTML rendering temporarily for HTML only messages (Ingo Klöcker)
    • Optionally show the encryption/signature status of messages in the message list (Kalle Dalheimer)
    • Optional popup after dragging a message onto a folder (Zack Rusin)
    • Five fixed layouts for the main window (Karl-Heinz Zimmer)
    • Send separately encrypted messages to Bcc recipients because else all recipients could deduce the Bcc recipients from the keys that were used for encryption (Steffen Hansen)
    • Configurable default domain for sending (Ingo Klöcker)
    • Don't check spelling of quoted text, urls or email addresses (Dave Corrie)
    • New 'Add to Addressbook' action which doesn't open the addressbook when you add an email address to it. Use 'Open in Addressbook' if you want to add more information to a new address. (Cornelius Schumacher)
    • IMAP accounts are now top level elements in the folder list (Carsten Burghardt)
    • Configurable timeout for when the selected message will be marked as read (Tobias Koenig)
    • Tips of the Day (Marc Mutz)
    • Show progress dialog on exit so that the user sees that KMail is still doing something although all windows have already been closed (Waldo Bastian, Carsten Pfeiffer)
    • Use KNotify to play an arbitrary sound on new mail arrival (Till Krech)
    • Configurable alternative background color for the message list (Waldo Bastian)
    • Display folder path in window caption (Carsten Burghardt)
  • KNode:
    • Added "Find in Article..." command.
    • Added "Mark Last as Unread..." command.
  • Korn
    • Now supports APOP accounts
  • Desktop Sharing (KRfb)
    • NEW IN KDE: VNC-compatible server to share KDE desktops
  • Remote Desktop Connection (KRdc):
    • NEW IN KDE: VNC-compatible client


  • NEW IN KDE: KAudioCreator, a CD ripper and audio encoder frontend.
  • NEW IN KDE: KRec, a recording frontend using aRts.
  • KMediaPlayer interface in kdelibs gives apps the ability to reuse Kaboodle.
  • Noatun: Added "Clear playlist when starting with a file" option.
  • Lyrics plugin
    • NEW IN KDEADDONS: A Noatun plugin to search for lyrics to the current song
    • Ismael Orenstein (<[email protected]>)
  • Write video thumbnail creator using xine-arts. (Simon MacMullen)
  • Add mute control to kmix sound mixer. (Nadeem Hasan <[email protected]>)

KDE Usability Project

  • Context menu, applet menu, wording and panel feature consistency/clarity improved in Kicker
  • Kicker KCM rewrite
  • KCalc Improvements (Aaron, and KDE Usability Team)
  • KSnapshot Improvements (Aaron, and KDE Usability Team)
  • KsCD Improvements to user interface (primarily configuration and informational dialogs) and to overall robustness (Aaron, and KDE Usability Team)


  • Adapted KBugBuster to new KDE bug tracking system based on Bugzilla.
  • Implemented bookmarking of bug reports.
  • Inserts link to original bug reports for details.
  • Changing view settings doesn't require reload, toolbar buttons.


  • Automatic update of Project-Id-Version
  • Possibility to specify localized translator name
  • Validation & highlighting of XML
  • Save special (the settings can be changed for the particular save)
  • KDE specifics added to rough translation (e.g. only add a new translator in TRANSLATOR S_...)
  • Load/Save markings in Catalog Manager
  • Navigation bar in Catalog Manager
  • Mail PO-file
  • Tag structure tool
  • Rough translation in catalog manager
  • Automatic update of PO header comment
  • Show source code
  • Spellchecking in multiple files


  • Fonts (kcmfonts) - Add extra Anti-Alias settings: exclude range, and sub-pixel type (moved from kcmfontinst). Craig Drummond <[email protected]>
  • Font Installer (kcmfontinst) - Make more consistent with KControl, remove install-from list, save changes on "Apply", allow fonts to be disabled on a per-font basis, font thumbnail creator. Craig Drummond <[email protected]>


  • KPager should show up when hidden instance is running. (#39028)


  • Added soft wrapping.


  • kviewshell: added statusbar
  • kviewshell: usability improvements
  • KuickShow: Digital camera jpeg images obey orientaion information
  • KuickShow: General UI improvements, now features a menubar
  • KuickShow: Ability to browse image collections on remote servers
  • KuickShow: Digital camera jpeg images obey orientaion information
  • KPovModeler: Implement support for the missing PovRAY 3.1 primitives, zehender at kde org.
  • KFax: Rewrite all the UI code to be KDE standards compliant, cleanups. (Nadeem Hasan <[email protected]>)
  • libkscan: support for halftoning scan mode where available
  • kooka: thumbnail view of scanned images added
  • kooka: ported to KDockWidgets to provide a customizable GUI
  • kooka: inline image renaming and drag and drop


  • Kiten:
    • NEW IN KDE: Japanese Reference Tool (web page)
  • FlashKard:
    • NEW IN KDE: Vocabulary tool. Uses libkedeedu to read KVTML files produced by KVocTrain
  • libkdeedu:
    • NEW IN KDE: The first parts of a library to allow interoperability between KDE Edu applications


  • Made hard-coded colors configurable.

Quanta Plus

  • NEW IN KDE: Quanta Plus - A web development environment (homepage)
  • extended network transparency
    • remote projects
    • remote files in projects
    • remote toolbars
  • automatic update of Files and Templates tree views
  • more DTD's installed by default:
    • HTML 4.01 Frameset
    • HTML 4.01 Strict
    • WML-1-2
  • possibility to send DTD definition files in e-mail added
  • possibility to convert the document to a new DTD added
  • "project views" support added
  • more project default settings added
  • various speedups (smoother editing or large files even with autocompletion turned on), some redesigned dialogs and lots of bugfixes
  • Kommander:


  • Add support to kio_sftp for public key authentication and newest versions of OpenSSH, [email protected]
  • More laptop support for ACPI (not all there yet more goodies to come) - [email protected]

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