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If you cannot finish a feature in time, please consider moving it to the [kde-3.1-features.html KDE 3.1 Planned Features].



In Progress
(works mostly)

Konqueror / KHTML part

  • KHTML: configurable disabling of automatic redirects / reloads, Dirk

KDE Bindings

  • update existing Java bindings
  • add Objective C bindings
  • add C bindings


  • More PlayObjects (more fileformats)
  • Improvements of the MIDI capabilities (alsa support)
  • Integration of new GSL scheduling code
  • More support for using samples as instruments (.PAT loader)
  • Environments/Mixers
  • Recording support in the APIs (kretz@kde.org)
  • Threaded OSS support (should run more reliable on more kernel drivers)

Konqueror / KHTML part

  • KHTML: support for http-post reloadk
  • KHTML: Fixed the widget placement problem finally
  • KHTML: <KEYGEN> support (Dirk)


  • Plugin and new KTextEditor interface


  • Add GUI for configuring "animated gifs", Waldo Bastian <bastian@kde.org>
  • Major rework of the ECMAScript ("javascript") implementation
  • Improvements in the DHTML compatibility with other browsers
  • Smart "window.open" Javascript policy
  • Konqueror actions work in new sidebar
  • "New directory" feature in sidebar's directory tree
  • adding Sidebar mediaplayer - Joseph Wenninger <jowenn@bigfoot.com>
  • display metadata about files in tool tips and edit them in the props dialog <ramagnus@kde.org>

KDE Libs

  • Completion of certificate and CA management tools, George Staikos
  • KCertPart, George Staikos
  • URL Speedbar in KFileDialog, Carsten Pfeiffer
  • Simple bookmark editing facility for KFileDialog, Carsten Pfeiffer
  • Tries to add button icon support for KDialogBase and KMessageBox <freyther@yahoo.com>
  • KAction: separate attributes into a dedicated GUI item class, Martijn / Simon / Holger
  • Add a plugin interface to the RenameDlg in KIO <freyther@yahoo.com>
  • Improved service activation (dcopstart), Waldo Bastian <bastian@kde.org>
  • Multi-key shortcut (emacs-style) allow a user to define a sequence of keys leading to a particular action. For example: Meta+I,I => ksirc, Meta+I,M => kmail, Meta+I,K => konqueror. Ellis Whitehead <ellis@kde.org>
  • WebDAV support, Hamish Rodda <meddie@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au>
  • A new plugin system to get/modify meta information about files specific to their mimetype. Primary use is Konqueror, but it can be used anywhere, Rolf Magnus <ramagnus@kde.org>
  • Add caching to KDirLister, Michael Brade <brade@kde.org>
  • Emulation of traditional Mac keyboard, where Ctrl is called "Control", Win "Option", and Alt "Command" -- and Command has the function of Ctrl. (Does not work for all keyboard layouts) Ellis Whitehead <ellis@kde.org>


  • switching desktops as necessary when dragging a window, <bastian@kde.org>

KDE Print

  • CUPS support improved

==Noatun== <charles@kde.org>

  • Global XML import/export for the playlist
  • Winamp skin loader
  • Icecast/Shoutcast streaming
  • Hide close status and tag displaying


  • Add at least kuick the quick copy and move plugin <freyther@yahoo.com>


  • New parameters: --nomenubar, --noframe, --noscrollbar and -tn <foo> (set $TERM=<foo>)
  • Keyboard shortcuts to activate menubar and rename session (Defaults: Ctrl-Alt-m & Ctrl-Alt-s).
  • New options: Blinking cursor, configurable line spacing, no/system/visible bell
  • Monitoring for activity and/or silence, sending of input to all sessions (cluster management)
  • History of a session can be cleared, searched and saved to a file.
  • Session types can specify a working directory.
  • Changed behaviour of "New" in toolbar, now starts session of type last selected.
  • Session buttons display state (e.g. bell) and session type icons. Double click renames them.
  • Sessions can be reordered via menu entries or keyboard shortcuts (Default: Ctrl-Shift-Left/Right).
  • Extend selection until end of line if no more characters are printed on that line.
  • Stop scrolling of output when selecting.
  • Drag & drop of selected text (like CDE's dtterm)
  • Pressing Ctrl while pasting with middle mouse button will send selection buffer.
  • Hollow out cursor when losing focus.
  • Support for ScrollLock with LED display.
  • Write utmp entries (requires installed utempter library).
  • Proper implementation of secondary device attributes, MODE_Mouse1000 and wrapped lines.
  • Session management remembers and activates last active session.
  • DCOP interface, sets environment variables KONSOLE_DCOP & KONSOLE_DCOP_SESSION
  • Made embeddable Konsole part configurable.
  • KDE Control Center: Added "Terminal Size Hint" option and session type editor.


  • added regexp-editor integration in various places in KDE
  • added context specific regexps in the list box


  • Redesign of the KDesktop class (modularization) and support for merging dirs ($KDEDIRS)


  • Implement support for having the panel centered on the screen edge - Fredrik

Kicker Applets

  • kpf - web server applet, designed for sharing files. Rik Hemsley (rikkus) <rik@kde.org>


  • XML Plugin, Daniel Naber <daniel.naber@t-online.de>


  • Maildir support
  • Distribution lists and aliases
  • SMTP authentication
  • SMTP over SSL/TLS
  • Pipelining for POP3 (faster mail download on slow responding networks)
  • On demand downloading or deleting without downloading of big mails on a POP3 server
  • Various improvements for IMAP
    • Permanent header caching
    • Header fetching is much faster
    • Creating/removing of folders
    • Drats/sent-mail/trash folders on the server
    • Mail checking in all folders
  • Automatic configuration of the POP3/IMAP/SMTP security features
  • Automatic encoding selection for outgoing mails.
  • DIGEST-MD5 authentication
  • Identity based sent-mail and drafts folders
  • Expiry of old messages
  • Hotkey to temporary switch to fixed width fonts
  • UTF-7 support
  • Enhanced status reports for encrypted/signed messages


  • making the interface complete to avoid BIC problems in the future
  • fixing parser to make it recognize regexps from the listbox


  • Copy and paste text from a DVI file
  • Full text search
  • Export DVI files to plain text
  • Forward search with Emacs and XEmacs
  • Inverse search with a variety of editors
  • DCOP Interface
  • Improved command-line options


  • Replace libkab by new addressbook API (libkabc) and port the applications using the address book (KAddressBook, KMail, KOrganizer, Kandy, KNode, klprfax, kmailcvt), Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher@kde.org>
  • KPilot:
    • Re-work conduits as plugins
    • Support for USB Visors
    • Extensive addition of tooltips
    • Move to .ui files as much as possible
  • KOrganizer:
    • Plugin interface
    • Group scheduling
    • Split alarm daemon in a low-level and a GUI part
    • pinning contacts to appointments and TODO's <adridg@cs.kun.nl>


  • Inclusion of the 'kdeedu' module, Chris Howells <howells@kde.org>


  • Catalog Manager as a standalone application
  • Find/Replace in all files


  • Reorganize module locations in CVS - Daniel Molkentin <molkentin@kde.org>
  • Unify and improve behaviour of suid-root modules - Daniel Molkentin <molkentin@kde.org>
  • Reorganize module tree structure where required - Daniel Molkentin <molkentin@kde.org>, Torsten Rahn <tackat@kde.org>
  • Tighter integration of Qt designer for creation of KControl modules - Daniel Molkentin <molkentin@kde.org>


  • Add TearOffHandles to menus where they are appropriate <freyther@yahoo.com>

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