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This is a list of planned features for the SC 4.7 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KLocale Number grouping support John Layt <>

DONE KLocale Narrow date name format support John Layt <>

DONE KLocale Week Numbers support John Layt <>

DONE kdecore/io/klockfile For 4.7.1: Implement locking on non-NFS systems using O_EXCL. Good for VFAT, CFIS and other filesystems, as it makes KConfig work and thus many KDE Applications. Details in #203554. Conducted by KDAB and Intevation; funded by IT Services of ETH Zurich. David Faure <>

IN PROGRESS KLocale Windows Backend John Layt <>

IN PROGRESS kdeui New date/time edit widgets from kdepim John Layt <>

IN PROGRESS KHelpMenu Fast action searching Alex Fiestas <>

IN PROGRESS KFilePlaces Activity-specific Places Jeffery MacEachern <>

IN PROGRESS KCookieJar Storing cookies in KWallet José Millán Soto <>

IN PROGRESS KHTML WebIDL usage Maksim Orlovich <>

TO DO KHTML Accessibility improvements Maksim Orlovich <>

TO DO Nepomuk Query term class to query graph meta data Sebastian Trueg <>

TO DO Plasma Preconfigurable plasmoids David Palacio <>


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Dolphin Support Fwd/Back Mouse Buttons Sebastian Dörner <>
DONE Dolphin Polish the default user interface to minimize visual clutter (see Peter Penz <>
DONE Dolphin Improve user interface for searching files and metadata Peter Penz <>

IN PROGRESS Locale KCM Support for Number Grouping, Windows Backend, Country Subdivsions John Layt <>

IN PROGRESS nspluginviewer npruntime support improvements Maksim Orlovich <>

TO DO Dolphin Popup menu for advanced queries on the metadata display Sebastian Trueg <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS kio_sftp async download support Andreas Schneider <>
IN PROGRESS Locale definition files Migrate Country and Currency Codes to xml/po formats, re-arrange l10n files including settings and flags, add Subdivision code files. John Layt <>
TO DO kio-upnp-ms Merge from playground ( into kde-runtime Nikhil Marathe <>
DONE network:/ kio-slave port to Cagibi 0.2 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
DONE Nepomuk Datamanagement Service Merge it into the master branch Vishesh Handa & Sebastian Trueg <>
DONE Port Strigi Service to DMS The Strigi Service needs to use the DMS API Vishesh Handa & Sebastian Trueg <>

DONE Nepomuk KCM to manage the removable storages to index Sebastian Trueg <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE System Settings/keyboard Allow a shortcut per keyboard layout (bug 224489) Andriy Rysin <>
DONE System Settings/keyboard Session management for keyboard layouts (bug 52095, 174948) Andriy Rysin <>
DONE klipper Support qrcode as well as datamatrix for mobile barcodes Sune Vuorela <>
DONE weather Support debian weather Sune Vuorela <>
DONE Oxygen Various widgets polishing (scrollbars, progressbars, sliders, toolbuttons, menu and menubar selection, etc.) Hugo Pereira Da Costa <>
DONE Oxygen Implement kwin's new shadow system for menus, drop-downlists, etc. Hugo Pereira Da Costa <>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Clock/Calendar improve usability, settings, akonadi and holiday data. See Plasma wiki. John Layt <>
DONE Plasma Desktop launch krunner when the user starts typing Vitor Boschi <>
DONE KDM GRUB2 support for KDM (see Konstantinos Smanis <>
DONE Compositor OpenGL 2.x/OpenGL ES 2.0 compositing backend (see Martin Gräßlin <>
DONE Compositor New Shadow System (see Martin Gräßlin <>
DONE Effects Effect to render outlines Martin Gräßlin <>
DONE Decorations Do not require a decoration Martin Gräßlin <>
IN PROGRESS Core Export most recently used windows to an X property Martin Gräßlin <>
IN PROGRESS BoxSwitch Effect Animated Selection (see Martin Gräßlin <>
IN PROGRESS libkwineffects API cleanup Martin Gräßlin <>
TO DO libkwineffects JavaScript bindings for writing Effects Martin Gräßlin <>
IN PROGRESS Mouse Emulation Better accessibility support in mouse emulation Martin Gräßlin <>
DONE kwin Add multi head support Alberto Mattea <>
IN PROGRESS kwin DBusMenu in Windeco Lionel Chauvin <>
DONE ksplashx Add multi head support Alberto Mattea <>
TO DO krunner Add multi head support Alberto Mattea <>
IN PROGRESS kwinrules kcm UI cleanup (see Thomas Lübking <>
IN PROGRESS kwincompositing kcm Rearm unsafe OpenGL precheck (see Thomas Lübking <>
IN PROGRESS PresentWindows Effect Better highlight indication & close button handling) Thomas Lübking <>
IN PROGRESS general Remove jargon from user interface. Remove all instances of Akonadi/Nepomuk related jargon from the desktop, replace with meaningful text where needed. Will Stephenson <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Marble Bookmark Manager Dennis Nienhüser, Thibaut Gridel <>
DONE Marble QML Bindings: GPS Tracking Dennis Nienhüser <>
DONE Marble Offline Address Search Dennis Nienhüser <>
DONE Marble Support monav version 0.3 Dennis Nienhüser <>
DONE Marble Polish the Map Wizard: simpler UI, comprehensive validation of user input immediately on each page Bernhard Beschow <>
IN PROGRESS Marble Reduce memory footprint of cached tiles Bernhard Beschow <>
TO DO Marble Separate thread for tile loading and texture blending (not texture mapping at the moment) for more smooth browsing Jens-Michael Hoffmann, Bernhard Beschow <>
TO DO Marble Tile loading "read ahead" when idle, prerequisite: threaded tile loading Jens-Michael Hoffmann <>
DONE Marble Multi threaded texture mapping Bernhard Beschow <>
TO DO Marble Implement mouse cursor wrapping a la Okular or Gwenview Bernhard Beschow <>
IN PROGRESS Marble Manipulate Gps track data Thibaut Gridel <tgridel@freedotfr>
IN PROGRESS Cantor Integrate the Qalculate backend Matteo Agostinelli <>
DONE Kalzium Use KUnitConversion for all the Unit handling Etienne Rebetez <etienne.rebetez@oberwallisch>
DONE KTurtle Add getdirection command Niels Slot <nielsslot@gmaildotcom>
TO DO KTurtle Add modulo command Niels Slot <nielsslot@gmaildotcom>
DONE Step Copy-and-Paste of items Sebastian Vöcking <>
DONE Step Zoom on mouse wheel Sebastian Vöcking <>
DONE Step Automatic expanding canvas Sebastian Vöcking <>
IN PROGRESS Rocs Auto - Handling of the Canvas Tomaz Canabrava <>
DONE Rocs Remove the thread for QtConcurrent on he core Tomaz Canabrava <>
IN PROGRESS Rocs Polish the User Interface Tomaz Canabrava <>
DONE Rocs New Plugin for Automaticaly Graph Generation Tomaz Canabrava <>
IN PROGRESS Rocs Bugfixes in the List Plugin Tomaz Canabrava <>
IN PROGRESS Rocs Speedup in the drawing code Tomaz Canabrava <>
IN PROGRESS Rocs Kalgebra backend Tomaz Canabrava <>
DONE Rocs Transform graph edges plugin Andreas Cord-Landwehr <>
DONE Rocs Assign values to edges/nodes plugin Andreas Cord-Landwehr <>
DONE Kalzium Titration calculator Luca Tringali <>
IN PROGRESS KStars SQLite Database of NGC Objects Victor Carbune <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KAlarm Port to Akonadi David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Allow reminders after the main alarm David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Provide wake-from-suspend option for alarms David Jarvie <>

IN PROGRESS KHolidays Add support for Holiday Types and Observance Types John Layt <>

DONE Akonadi-contacts/kaddressbook Show 2d barcodes of contact data Sune Vuorela <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Adjustable Clock Plasmoid for displaying date and time in very customizable way Michał Dutkiewicz <>
IN PROGRESS Comic Plasmoid Support random comic strips Matthias Fuchs <>
DONE Comic Plasmoid Support creation of comic Comic Book Archive files Matthias Fuchs <>
DONE Comic Plasmoid Highlight comics that have a new comic strip Matthias Fuchs <>
TO DO Events Runner Support parsing weekdays (e.g. "in next monday" Alexey Noskov <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KTeaTime Port to KStatusNotifierItem Miha Čančula <>
IN PROGRESS KTeaTime New svg based status icons Stefan Böhmann <>
IN PROGRESS KTeaTime Support categories Stefan Böhmann <>
TO DO KTeaTime Improved command line Stefan Böhmann <>
TO DO KTeaTime Tea runner Stefan Böhmann <>
TO DO KTeaTime Port to KConfigXT Stefan Böhmann <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Lokalize Remote translation memories Nick Shaforostoff <>
IN PROGRESS Lokalize QA: translation checks against user-specified regex-based rules Nick Shaforostoff <>
TO DO Lokalize Integrate snowball stemmer for glossary Nick Shaforostoff <>
TO DO Lokalize Continue implementing XLIFF spec Nick Shaforostoff <>
TO DO Lokalize Segmentation [editing] functionality Nick Shaforostoff < >
TO DO Lokalize Integrate with nepomuk (fast stats retrieval, tag cloud - incl sharing!) Nick Shaforostoff <>
TO DO Lokalize loading compressed files and then saving them back in the original compression format (bug 65518) Nick Shaforostoff <>
IN PROGRESS Okteta Properly support strings (various Unicode encodings) in structures tool Alex Richardson <>
TO DO Okteta Add custom datatypes to structures tool Alex Richardson <>
IN PROGRESS Okteta Add tool to convert between char encodings Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
IN PROGRESS Umbrello QDockWidget based interface Emmanuel Lepage Vallee <>
IN PROGRESS Umbrello KDE4 icon theme and eye candies Emmanuel Lepage Vallee <>
TO DO Umbrello Replace the current code viewer with katepart Emmanuel Lepage Vallee <>
DONE Umbrello Add a zoom widget in the statusbar Emmanuel Lepage Vallee <>
DONE Kate Add a new search in files plugin Kåre Särs <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KBreakout Level editor Julian Helfferich <>
IN PROGRESS KBreakout Load levelset option + 2 new levelsets Julian Helfferich <>
TO DO KBreakout Port to QGraphicsView Julian Helfferich <>
IN PROGRESS KPat Create new saved game format that stores undo/redo history Parker Coates <>
IN PROGRESS libtagaro Move first version into the kdegames module Stefan Majewsky <>
TO DO libtagaro Use the new library: at least in Granatier and Kolf (to replace existing static source copies) and KDiamond Stefan Majewsky <>
IN PROGRESS Palapeli Cleanup interface Stefan Majewsky <>
DONE Palapeli Reduce memory consumption for big puzzles Stefan Majewsky <>
IN PROGRESS all games Add useful fullscreen mode + option to switch between fullscreen/window Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KGet Working Mms plugin Ernesto Rodriguez Ortiz <>
IN PROGRESS KGet Support for connection limit to servers Matthias Fuchs <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Okular Directory support in Comic Book Generator David Palacio <>
IN PROGRESS Okular 7zip support in Comic Book Generator David Palacio <>
DONE libksane Enable gui less operation Kåre Särs <>
DONE libksane Add a way to get scanner device list Kåre Särs <>
IN PROGRESS Gwenview Compare mode Aurélien Gâteau <>
TO DO Gwenview Merge "Semantic Information" and "Meta Information" sidebar groups Aurélien Gâteau <>

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