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= KDE Development Platform =
* Nepomuk is now able to search on non-mounted media
* Nepomuk: New Virtuoso backend, much faster, more scalable
* Nepomuk: KIO slave for querying Nepomuk resources
* libksane (scanner library): basic scanner support for Windows
* improved exiv2 support in libkexiv2
* Add Odd/Even page selection and server-side page selection when using CUPS
    Move KDE integration of QtWebKit into kdelibs (but not KPart!)
* Thumbnail previews for Comicbook format
* KAuth: Authorization framework, harnesses PolicyKit, used in
** Font installer
** System Activity
== Plasma Workspace and basic widgets ==
* Storage devices can now automatically be mounted
* Networkmanager frontend (knetworkmanager)
** Experimental network-manager plasma widget
* Bookmark runner now also supports Firefox' bookmarks
* Improved layout for the battery widget's popup
* OpenGL accelerated popup animation
* Support for Plasma widgets in the system tray
* System tray items can now be automatically shown or hidden
* Workflow and layout improvements in the device manager widget
* Improved KMix OSD
* Add new calendar systems: Indian Civil (Saka), Pure Julian, Pure Gregorian.
== Other widgets and addons ==
== Window & Compositing Manager ==
* New: Window maximizing and tiling by snapping to the screen-edges ("Aero Snap")
* Native window tabs: Arbitrary windows can be grouped in tabs
* Window Management Plugin for KRunner
* Subtle animations in the window decoration, and other options to customize the window behavior
* Alt+Tab window switching improvements
* Improvements in present windows, flip switch, logout effect
= KDE Applications =
* KStars: Observation plan manager
* KAlgebra
** support for lists
** better MathML presentation support, lambda expressions, jump detections
** new 2d parametric function plotting
* New Edu app: Cantor
* New Edu app: Rocs
* New game: Granatier
* New game: Palapeli
== Network ==
* Kopete: Create avatars from a webcam
** Telepathy Tubes support,
** full screen switching
* KGet:
** better support for verification of downloaded files
** Broken downloads can be repaired
** Support for adding mirrors, moving and renaming files while downloading
** Assistant to create metalinks
= PIM / Groupware =
* New: KAddressbook rewrite for Akonadi
* KMail:
** Archiving of emails
** Improved recipient picker
** searching by tag
** Clickable HTML statusbar
** Collapsible recipient fields
** Error messages are now passive, less disturbant to workflow
** Templating improvements
== Utils ==
* Okteta Hex Editor:
** Improved selecting mechanism
** Base64 encoding
** Split views
** Storing of bookmarks

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