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This is a list of planned features for the 4.4 release.

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  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
DONE kttsd Clean up kttsd by making it a simple wrapper around speech-dispatcher Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting@kde.org>


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Konqueror Sidebar cleanups; re-introducing the history module David Faure <faure@kde.org>
DONE Dolphin

Version control integration

Peter Penz <peter.penz@gmx.at>
DONE Dolphin Improved search bar including search configuration Peter Penz <peter.penz@gmx.at>
DONE DolphinPart Remember the Details View expansion state in the DolphinPart Frank Reininghaus <frank78ac@googlemail.com>
DONE DolphinPart Restore the "Edit->Selection" menu that was in Konqueror 3 Frank Reininghaus <frank78ac@googlemail.com>
DONE Dolphin Open URL in a new tab if the Back, Forward or Up button in the toolbar is middle-clicked Frank Reininghaus <frank78ac@googlemail.com>
DONE Dolphin Clickable tags and other resources in the metadata view: tags for example are opened as search folders in the same Dolphin window Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Oxygen Animated Add smooth animations and transitions (e.g. on hover, when switching tabs, etc.) to the oxygen widget style. Hugo Pereira Da Costa <hugo@oxygen-icons.org>
DONE smb kioslave add kwallet support Carlo Segato <brandon.ml@gmail.com>
DONE Nepomuk Remove the ontologies and make kdebase depend on the upcoming shared-ontologies package Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE Nepomuk Integrate removable storage service to handle mounting/unmounting of removable devices and allow searching of files on non-mounted media. The user will be asked to insert the medium in question in case it is not mounted. Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE Nepomuk New timeline KIO slave which allows to browse files by modification date in case the Nepomuk Strigi service is running. Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE Nepomuk Give better user feedback if Nepomuk could not be initialized. Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE Locale KCM Add support for new KLocale Currency Code and Decimal Places options (see kdelibs/klocale section). John Layt <john@layt.net>
DONE Device Automounting Add support for storage device automounting Trever Fischer <tdfischer@fedoraproject.org>
DONE Nepomuk Port Nepomuk to Virtuoso: query service, strigi service: better performance especially when searching. Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE thumbnail kioslave Support for comic-book cover previews (.cbr, .cbz, .cbt files) Harsh J <qwertymaniac@gmail.com>
DONE Nepomuk Add nepomuk kio slave which handles all stating of Nepomuk resources. It can even display a small HTML page for non-file resources. Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE thumbnail kioslave Support for rotated jpegs Jacopo De Simoi <wilderkde@gmail.com>


Status Project Description Contact
Non-Plasma, Non-KWin
IN PROGRESS Date/Time KCM Plasma themed clock Christoph Feck <christoph@maxiom.de>
IN PROGRESS System Setitngs Reorganize modules Ben Cooksley <sourtooth@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Mouse KCM XInput2 support Fredrik Höglund <fredrik@kde.org>
DONE Attica KCM, KDE plugin KCM added, Attica uses KIO with the KDE plugin Frederik Gladhorn <gladhorn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Solid::Control network environment tracking Access a high level view of wireless networks by interface, testing in playground Will Stephenson <wstephenson@kde.org>
DONE System Activity Add scripting support John Tapsell <tapsell@kde.org>
DONE Solid RemoteControl Manager/Interface + Lirc backend Michael Zanetti <michael_zanetti@gmx.net>
DONE System Activity KAuth integration John Tapsell <tapsell@kde.org>
DONE System Settings Improve module appearance for Icons View and provide searching hints Ben Cooksley <sourtooth@gmail.com>
DONE Font Installer KCM Use PolicyKit for installing system-wide fonts Craig Drummond <craig@kde.org>
DONE Font Installer KCM When multiple fonts are selected, use a list style preview of all selected fonts Craig Drummond <craig@kde.org>
DONE KRunner Solid device runner Jacopo De Simoi <wilderkde@gmail.com>
DONE KRunner Manage actions in default interface Jacopo De Simoi <wilderkde@gmail.com>
DONE KRunner Single runner mode Jacopo De Simoi <wilderkde@gmail.com>
DONE KRunner Window management runner Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KRunner Add Firefox support to the bookmark runner Jan Gerrit Marker <jangerrit@weiler-marker.com>
Plasma - Priority Features
DONE netbook shell a plasma shell and various containments/applets tailored for netbooks (tech preview status in 4.4) Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>

IN PROGRESS Quicklaunch Plasmoid new icon size/rows config ui Lukas Appelhans <l.appelhans@gmx.de>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Weather Ion New Weather Ion for the wetter.com data source provider Thilo-Alexander Ginkel <thilo@ginkel.com>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Animator Create new Plasma::Animator API based on Qt 4.6 Kinetic [mailto: Adenilson Cavalcanti, Igor Trindade <>]
IN PROGRESS Plasma KineticScrolling Port KineticScrolling to Qt 4.6 Kinetic [mailto: Adenilson Cavalcanti, Igor Trindade <>]
IN PROGRESS Plasma-Netbook Animated Layouts Create Animated Layouts to SAL and NewsPaper [mailto: Adenilson Cavalcanti, Igor Trindade <>]
IN PROGRESS libplasma Show the PopupApplet's BusyWidget inside the popup Giulio Camuffo <giuliocamuffo@gmail.com>
DONE Widgets Explorer New widgets explorer Ana Cecília Martins Barbosa <anaceciliamb@gmail.com>
DONE Widgets Explorer Install widgets from file, Google Gadgets and GHNS Anselmo L S Melo <anselmolsm@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Notification queueing [mailto: Aaron Seigo <>]
IN PROGRESS Trust Levels package signing and verification [mailto: Rob Sheepmaker Aaron Seigo <>]
IN PROGRESS JS plasmoid improvements Animations, KIO and QFile bindings; latter two by security policy [mailto: Aaron Seigo <>]
IN PROGRESS Kiosk improvements [mailto: Aaron Seigo <>]
IN PROGRESS Activity Bar [mailto: Aaron Seigo <>]
DONE folderview Hover action icons in the icon view Fredrik Höglund <fredrik@kde.org>
DONE folderview Hover animations Fredrik Höglund <fredrik@kde.org>
DONE libplasma/kwin slide animation for popups done by kwin Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE System tray Plasmoid support in the system tray Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE System tray config ui to decide between always shown, always hidden and auto hide for each systray item Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE Window List A new plasmoid to show list of opened windows Michał Dutkiewicz <emdeck@gmail.com>
DONE Device Notifier show the device actions inside the plasmoid, show the fixed devices too, other improvements giuliocamuffo@gmail.com Jacopo De Simoi, Giulio Camuffo <wilderkde@gmail.com, giuliocamuffo@gmail.com>
DONE Color Wallpaper Plugin add support for gradients Shafqat Bhuiyan <priomsrb@gmail.com>
DONE libplasma better text box look with new svg elements Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE systemtray Make possible to browse old notifications by application name (this actually replaced the above feature) Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE libplasma Show Holiday and Holiday Region in Clock Tooltip. John Layt <john@layt.net>
DONE libplasma Allow user to choose Calendar System to be displayed in Calendar and Clock widgets John Layt <john@layt.net>
DONE knowledge base plasmoid new plasmoid: Opendesktop.org knowledgebase client Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE opendesktop plasmoid show friends activity Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE Plasma Addon Battery popup layout improvements Sebastian Kügler <sebas@kde.org>
DONE Plasma Mouse Plugins UI Yet Another UI Redesign Chani <chani@kde.org>
KWin - Core
IN PROGRESS KWin Window tiling Nikhil Marathe <nsm.nikhil@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS KWin Support for new EWMH hints Fredrik Höglund <fredrik@kde.org>
DONE KWin Quick window maximization and tiling by dragging windows to the edge of the screen Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KWin Improved virtual desktop KCM Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KWin Improved window switcher (Alt+Tab) Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KWin SVG based window decoration theme engine (Aurorae) Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KWin Merged Ozone and Nitrogen window decorations into Oxygen Hugo Pereira Da Costa <hugo.pereira@free.fr>
DONE KWin Window tabbing Jorge Emilio Mata <matamax123@gmail.com>

KWin - Desktop Effects
DONE KWin Mouse action support in Present Windows effect Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KWin New present windows mode to only display windows from a single application Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KWin Improved flip switch effect Martin Gräßlin <kde@martin-graesslin.com>
DONE KWin Improved logout blur effect [mailto: Lucas Murray <>]



Status Project Description Contact
DONE pykde4 Python 3 support for PyKDE4 Simon Edwards <simon@simonzone.com>
DONE qyoto Replace the current C# cmake macros with more sophisticated ones that also work on windows. Arno Rehn <arno@arnorehn.de>
IN PROGRESS qyoto Create a new generator for the C# assemblies Arno Rehn <arno@arnorehn.de>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Marble Support for MarbleWidget::setEnabled( bool ) Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
IN PROGRESS Kalzium Remove libavogadro snapshot, port to use system libavogadro Marcus D. Hanwell <mhanwell@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Add "download region" feature Jens-Michael Hoffmann <jmho@c-xx.com>
IN PROGRESS Marble Editing Tools Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble OSM Import Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble UI Simplification Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Custom Layouts Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Discrete Zoom Levels Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Performance Improvements Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble KML Improvements Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Sky Mode Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Measure Tool Plugin Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
DONE Marble Settings for plugins [mailto: Bastian Holst <>]
IN PROGRESS Marble Kinetic Scrolling Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Optimized 2D Mode Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Bookmarks [mailto: Gaurav Gupta <>]
IN PROGRESS Marble Time KML support [mailto: Harshit Jain <>]
IN PROGRESS Marble Editing GeoDataFeatures Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org>
DONE Marble Update Map ("F5") Jens-Michael Hoffmann <jmho@c-xx.com>
DONE Marble Layer Management Class Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Plugin architecture for map layers Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Extending GeoPainter Torsten Rahn <rahn@kde.org>
DONE Marble Marble Runners Henry de Valence <hdevalence@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Marble GeoClue Integration Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS Marble Routing Jens-Michael Hoffmann <jensmh@gmx.de>
IN PROGRESS Marble More map providers (WMS?) Jens-Michael Hoffmann <jensmh@gmx.de>
IN PROGRESS Marble GeoData Model/View rework [mailto: Thibaut Gridel <>]
DONE KAlgebra KAlgebra backend for Cantor Aleix Pol <aleixpol@kde.org>
DONE KAlgebra Support for lists Aleix Pol <aleixpol@kde.org>
DONE KAlgebra Improved MathML Presentation support Aleix Pol <aleixpol@kde.org>
DONE KAlgebra Added 2D parametric function plotting Aleix Pol <aleixpol@kde.org>
DONE KAlgebra Improved jump detections Aleix Pol <aleixpol@kde.org>
DONE KAlgebra Made lambda expressions more usable Aleix Pol <aleixpol@kde.org>
DONE KStars Improve Observing List Wizard Prakash Mohan <prakash.mohan@kdemail.net>
DONE KStars A rather sophisticated Observation Plan Manager Prakash Mohan <prakash.mohan@kdemail.net>
DONE KTurtle Add F2 context help Cies Breijs <cies@kde.nl>
DONE KTurtle Add SVG export for the canvas Cies Breijs <cies@kde.nl>
DONE KTurtle Add HTML export of the code Cies Breijs <cies@kde.nl>
DONE KTurtle Add printing support for the canvas Cies Breijs <cies@kde.nl>
DONE Cantor Import to kdeedu Alexander Rieder <alexanderrieder@gmail.com>
DONE Rocs Import to kdeedu Tomaz Canabrava <tcanabrava@kde.org>
DONE KTouch Update the "Colemak" keyboad layout and training lecture Sascha Peilicke <sasch.pe@gmx.de>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Kigo Allow arbitrary jumps in the undo/redo history Sascha Peilicke <sasch.pe@gmx.de>
IN PROGRESS Kigo New Go game for KDE 4 Sascha Peilicke <sasch.pe@gmx.de>
IN PROGRESS Gluon release first gluon lib with one game. [1] Sacha schutz <istdasklar@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Granatier Implement all Bonuses from the default theme Mathias Kraus <k.hias@gmx.de>
IN PROGRESS KsirK Polish the skin editor (doc, contextual help, ...) Gaël de Chalendar <kleag@free.fr>
DONE KAtomic Level Sets Dmitry Suzdalev <dimsuz@gmail.com>
DONE Bovo Highlight the last move to be easier to spot Pelladi Gabor <pelladigabor@gmail.com>
DONE Bovo Enable undo after the game has ended, to be able to correct a fatal mis-click Pelladi Gabor <pelladigabor@gmail.com>
DONE Granatier New Bomberman like game for KDE 4 Mathias Kraus <k.hias@gmx.de>
DONE Granatier Sidebar with informations regarding the players, like bonuses, handicaps ... Mathias Kraus <k.hias@gmx.de>
DONE Granatier Add support for a background Mathias Kraus <k.hias@gmx.de>
DONE Granatier Replace Phonon with QtMultimedia for better sound Mathias Kraus <k.hias@gmx.de>
DONE KBreakOut Improved keyboard support Fela Winkelmolen <fela.kde@gmail.com>
DONE KBreakOut Fullscreen support Fela Winkelmolen <fela.kde@gmail.com>
DONE KDiamond Improve time display Stefan Majewsky <majewsky@gmx.net>
DONE KGoldrunner Add Mazes game (37 levels), contributed by Steve Mann. Ian Wadham <ianw2@optusnet.com.au>
DONE Killbots Add a new game type parameter to make fast enemies a bit more intelligent. Parker Coates <parker.coates@gmail.com>
DONE KsirK Previous/Next in start new game as described in bug #170774 Gaël de Chalendar <kleag@free.fr>
DONE Kigo Fix smaller issues with KNS2 Sascha Peilicke <sasch.pe@gmx.de>
DONE Kigo Improve final score visuals Sascha Peilicke <sasch.pe@gmx.de>
DONE Kigo Beautify the default theme Sascha Peilicke <sasch.pe@gmx.de>
DONE KPat Large internal code cleanup. Lots of small annoyances fixed. Parker Coates <parker.coates@gmail.com>
DONE KPat Port animations to Qt Kinetic for significant performance improvements Coates <Parker Coates>
DONE Palapeli New puzzle game for KDE SC 4 Stefan Majewsky <majewsky@gmx.net>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE gwenview Folder thumbnails Aurelien Gateau <agateau@kde.org>
DONE gwenview Rework start page Aurelien Gateau <agateau@kde.org>
DONE gwenview Implement picture importer Aurelien Gateau <agateau@kde.org>
DONE gwenview New save-as behavior (go to saved as document) Aurelien Gateau <agateau@kde.org>
DONE libksane External API for handling selections (patch from

Matthias Nagl)

Kåre Särs <kare.sars@iki.fi>
DONE libksane Add basic twain support on Windows Kåre Särs <kare.sars@iki.fi>
DONE libksane External API for specifying preview resolution Kåre Särs <kare.sars@iki.fi>
DONE libkexiv2 Store metadata in libexiv2 containers, do not lossily encode to QByteArray. Bug 183171 Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg@gmx.de>
DONE libkexiv2 Expose exiv2 API for accessing embedded previews in RAW files. Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg@gmx.de>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS kdecore Move event-filter installation out of KApplication and into a new class Michael Leupold <lemma@confuego.org>
IN PROGRESS kdeui Support floating point font sizes Christoph Feck <christoph@maxiom.de>
IN PROGRESS kdeui Finish the time chooser widget Michael Leupold <lemma@confuego.org>
IN PROGRESS kio Limit number of connections per host (per application), add job priorities Andreas Hartmetz <ahartmetz@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS kio Support for automatically renaming conflicting files during copy and move operations Todd <toddrme2178@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS kio Remember downloads via Nepomuk Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS buildsystem Modular build of KDE modules Alexander Neundorf <neundorf@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS katepart Improve katepart Vim mode. Alejandro Castaño <alecastanyo@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS kfile Make status of file I/O display on file/folder icons("progress in icons"). Shaun Reich <shaun.reich@kdemail.net>
IN PROGRESS katepart Factor out a generic high-level search class from the search bar. To be used by the VI input mode. Bernhard Beschow <bbeschow@cs.tu-berlin.de>
DONE knewstuff Introduce binary incompatible knewstuff library (as knewstuff3, keeping knewstuff2 as well) which can talk directly to open desktop services via libattica Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting@kde.org>
DONE knewstuff3 Make use of Open Collaboration Services - let users rate items, become fan, see details, have bigger preview pictures Frederik Gladhorn <gladhorn@kde.org>
DONE kdecore Polkit-1 backend for KAuth Dario Freddi <drf@kde.org>
DONE KLocale Implement ISO 4217 Currency Code support (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217). John Layt <john@layt.net>
DONE KLocale Separate numeric decimal places and monetary decimal places. John Layt <john@layt.net>
DONE katepart Add mapping support for the vi input mode's normal mode Erlend Hamberg <ehambergαgmail.com>
DONE katepart Support byte-order mark in unicode files Joseph Wenninger <jowenn@kde.org>
DONE katepart Enable command line scripting again Dominik Haumann <dhaumann@kde.org>
DONE katepart Improve TemplateInterface, i.e. snippet support Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE katepart Add interface to access highlighting information, port html-export plugin Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE katepart push improved AutoBrace plugin to kdelibs Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE KCalendarSystem Add new calendar systems: Indian Civil (Saka), Pure Julian, Pure Gregorian, Ethiopian, Coptic. John Layt <john@layt.net>
DONE KDEPrint Add Odd/Even page selection and server-side page selection when using CUPS. John Layt <john@layt.net>
DONE nepomuk Get libnepomukquery into kdelibs Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE webkit Move KDE integration of QtWebKit into kdelibs (but not KPart!) Urs Wolfer <uwolfer@kde.org>
DONE katepart Implement on-the-fly spell checking for arbitrary documents. Michel Ludwig <michel.ludwig@kdemail.net>
DONE nepomuk Add const versions of the accessor methods to the Nepomuk::Types classes Sebastian Trueg <trueg@kde.org>
DONE kdeui Finalize the api for the new systemtray: KStatusNotifierItem Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KMix Add WhatsThis help on controls (Bug 70042) Christian Esken <esken@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS KMix Generic per-App volume tab ( pulse,phonon,oss4) Helio Castro <helio@kde.org>
DONE KMix Amend Keyboard Shortcuts Christian Esken <esken@kde.org>
DONE KMix Allow arbitrary ordering of controls (Bug 57946) Christian Esken <esken@kde.org>
DONE KMix Nicer OSD (icon, mute state) Christian Esken <esken@kde.org>
DONE JuK Allow disabling crossfade Michael Pyne <mpyne@kde.org>
DONE JuK Add support for MP4 and ASF files (when present in Taglib). Patch taken from Kubuntu patchset, thanks to Kubuntu devs and Jeff Mitchell. Michael Pyne <mpyne@kde.org>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KGet Support for custom NewTransferDialog in BTPlugin Lukas Appelhans <l.appelhans@gmx.de>
IN PROGRESS Kopete Telepathy protocol plugin George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com>
IN PROGRESS Kopete Telepathy Tubes Desktop Sharing plugin George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com>
IN PROGRESS Kopete Akonadi Logger(modify the history plugin) Kaushik Saurabh <roideuniverse@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS Krfb Telepathy Tubes support George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com>
IN PROGRESS Krfb Core restructuring George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com>
IN PROGRESS Telepathy Account Management KCM George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com>
IN PROGRESS Telepathy Mission Control launcher KDED George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com>
DONE Kopete Create avatars from a webcam device Alex Fiestas <alex@eyeos.org >
DONE Krdc Redesigned workflow to create a new connection Urs Wolfer <uwolfer@kde.org>
DONE Krdc Telepathy Tubes support [mailto: Abner Silva <>]
DONE Krdc Full Screen Switching Tony Murray <murraytony@gmail.com>
DONE KGet Support for verifying signed files Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>
DONE KGet Verification of downloads using checksums Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>
DONE KGet Downloading checksums for downloads Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>
DONE KGet Repairing broken downloads Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>
DONE KGet Moving and renaming files while downloading Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>
DONE KGet Adding mirrors to downloads while downloading Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>
DONE KGet Changing the number of connections per mirror of downloads while downloading Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>
DONE KGet Assistant to create Metalinks Matthias Fuchs <mat69@gmx.net>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KJots Port to Akonadi Stephen Kelly <steveire>
IN PROGRESS KJots Port to Grantlee for theming support Stephen Kelly <steveire>
IN PROGRESS Akregator Port to use KNotificationItem Teemu Rytilahti <tpr@d5k.net>
DONE KMail Archiving function for mails Thomas McGuire <thomas@kdab.com>
DONE KMail Clean up UI for aggregation and theme settings [mailto: James Bending <>]
DONE KMail Improve recipient picker [mailto: Bruno Bigras <>]
DONE KMail Allow to search by tag and to use filters for adding tags [mailto: Jonathan Armond <>]
DONE KMail Port addressbook-related functions to Akonadi [mailto: Tobias König <>]
DONE KMail Make the HTML status bar clickable [mailto: James Bendig <>]
DONE KMail Add a context menu entry for mailing lists to the message viewer [mailto: Daniel Black <>]
DONE KMail When switching identities in the composer, switch the template too [mailto: Jonathan Armond <>]
DONE KMail Ask for the transport to use when dealing with an invitation Thomas McGuire <thomas@kdab.com>
DONE KMail Make the To and CC fields expandable/collapseable in the fancy header style [mailto: Torgny Nyblom <>]
DONE KMail Support inline images in signatures Thomas McGuire <mcguire@kde.org>
DONE KMail Add a SIGNATURE command for templates [mailto: Jonathan Armond <>]
DONE KMail Use passive popups for error messages while checking for mail Thomas McGuire <mcguire@kde.org>
DONE KAlarm Provide audio-only alarms David Jarvie <djarvie@kde.org>
DONE KAddressbook Completely new KAddressbook based on Akonadi [mailto: Tobias König <>]
DONE Akonadi POP3 Resource for Akonadi Thomas McGuire <mcguire@kde.org>


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS opendesktop Add messaging Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS opendesktop Add friendship management Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS ocs engine Add possibility to use different providers, use attica from kdesupport Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS opendesktop port opendesktop plasmoid to new engine and rename accordingly Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS opendesktop activities port opendesktop activities plasmoid to new engine and rename accordingly Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner@kde.org>
IN PROGRESS microblogging new appearance and new twitter api pieces support Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
DONE plasmaboard Added a virtual keyboard plasmoid for touchscreen users Björn Ruberg <bjoern@ruberg-wegener.de>
DONE FifteenPuzzle Made it work with multiple rows and cols Tomaz Canabrava <tcanabrava@kde.org>
DONE Qalculate A new advanced calculator plasmoid Matteo Agostinelli <agostinelli@gmail.com>
DONE KDE Observatory A new plasmoid for visualizing KDE projects status (commits, commiters, bugs, krazy status, etc) Sandro S. Andrade <sandroandrade@kde.org>
DONE Spell Check A new plasmoid for fast spell checking Michał Dutkiewicz <emdeck@gmail.com>
DONE Project Silk generic Mediawiki KRunner Sebastian Kügler <sebas@kde.org>
DONE Project Silk Webslice Plasmoid, qgraphicswidget Sebastian Kügler <sebas@kde.org>
DONE Solid Network Manager Plasmoid Sebastian Kügler <sebas@kde.org>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Kate Integrate GHNS into snippets TNG Joseph Wenninger <jowenn(you_know)kde(here_too)org>
IN PROGRESS Kate Refactor parts from snippets TNG plugin into a common library for use by the plugin and for use in kdevelop Joseph Wenninger <jowenn(you_know)kde(here_too)org>
DONE Kate Add common vim commands like :wq, :new, :bp/bn, etc. Erlend Hamberg <ehambergαgmail.com>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS KGpg Add "caff" mode for keysigning Rolf Eike Beer <kde@opensource.sf-tec.de>
DONE kdelirc Integrate solid backend into kdelirc frontend Frank Scheffold <fscheffold@googlemail.com>
DONE kdelirc Communicate to lirc through solid Michael Zanetti <michael_zanetti@gmx.net>
DONE KGpg Add improved key import result window (with useful summary, filtering, reasonable default size etc.) Rolf Eike Beer <kde@opensource.sf-tec.de>
DONE KGpg Make generating a key a KJob so it get's better notification support Rolf Eike Beer <kde@opensource.sf-tec.de>
DONE Okteta Add tool to view decoding of complex structures Alex Richardson <alex.richardson@gmx.de>
DONE Okteta Rename libkakao to Kasten and make the Okteta KPart use it Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta Add embedded dialog to set selection range Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta Add Base64 encoder Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta Added data generators, like pattern, sequence or from clipboard Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta Added option to split views Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta Add marking of bytearray section to widgets, so tools like strings or pod decoder can mark the source, instead of selecting it Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta add editing capability to Decoding table Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta Make dialogs for Goto and Select embedded Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
DONE Okteta Add UTF-8 option to bytearray lineedit Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE kdesupport Add libattica to kdesupport Frederik Gladhorn <gladhorn@kde.org>
DONE Solid KNetworkManager Will Stephenson <wstephenson@kde.org>

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