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Schedules/KDE4/4.2 Changelog


  • policykit (probably beta2)
  • Use knotify in kwrited
  • option for full path in breadcrumb mode
  • VI input mode in kwrite and kate
  • PowerDevil
  • kephal for better xrandr-support.
  • Add ConsoleKit support to kdm


(see also plasma changelog)

  • KRunner: Noun-Verb support
  • Konqueror history runner
  • Kate sessions runner
  • Recent Documents runner
  • Notifications and jobs in systemtray
  • panel->desktop dragging
  • Improved Battery applet for Powerdevil
  • Wallpaper plugins
  • Python support
  • Ruby support
  • Plasma Popup Tips
  • Taskbar grouping
  • Weather Plasmoid
  • Plasma On Screensaver
  • Add New Widgets: Pluggable widget browser
  • Activity<->Virtual Desktop Affinity (no UI)
  • Panel Autohide
  • Keyboard Shortcut Config UI
  • Save icon positioning in folderview
  • Quicklaunch Plasmoid
  • drop indicator in panel
  • make the panel controller a bit more usable
  • nicely draw the desktop toolbox when it's moved because of a panel
  • Various widgets (TODO)
  • Panel form factor support in the folderview applet, twitter, news, ...
  • Improved folderview configuration
  • Keyboard status applet


  • Move maximized windows between Xinerama screens
  • Support for decoration shadows
  • Implement _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS EWMH spec hint
  • Compositing enabled by default
  • Compositing self-check
  • Global animation speed setting
  • Motion dynamics
  • Improved UI for selecting window/desktop switcher
  • UI for assigning effects to screen edges
  • Cube/cylinder/sphere effect
  • Magic lamp minimize effect
  • Animation in box switch effect
  • Mouse interaction for cover switch Effect
  • Thumbnail bar in the cover switch effect
  • Improved snow effect
  • Improved desktop grid
  • New present window layout modes
  • Invert only selected windows
  • Unredirecting of fullscreen windows (flicker-- w/ bad video drivers)


  • KGet: support mms:// protocol??mms
  • Kate: snippets plugin ported, ctags plugin, build plugin improved
  • perldoc kioslave
  • Lokalize: MDI interface improvements
  • Gwenview: support for animated gif and mng
  • Okular: support fax documents
  • Konqueror: bookmarks page (+kioslave)
  • Dolphin: previews in tooltips, zoom slider in statusbar


  • KAlgebra: new parser / lexer, import for MathML presentation markup
  • KBruch: UI improvements and merge of KPercentage functionality
  • Python bindings to Marble widget classes
  • KStars: Display millions of stars, many more
  • KTurtle: color picker, command line, export image
  • Parley: UI improvements

Admin / Utils / Network

  • system-config-printer-kde and printer-applet
  • Improved support for LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) in KRDC
  • improved per host settings in KRDC
  • Okteta: various UI improvements
  • Ark: service menu and password support
  • Ksnapshot: recording of window title, multiscreen improvements


  • Akregator: basic support for enclosures
  • KJots: Importing notes from knowit
  • KMail: Nicer attachment view
  • KMail: New message list
  • KNotes: Zeroconf support for sending notes on LAN
  • Kontact: new planner summary
  • Kontact: Drag and drop in free/busy view


  • Dragging jewels and untimes games in kdiamond
  • Ksirk: jabber-based netgame finding, scrolling improvements, skins via GHNS, skins editor
  • KGoldRunner: new levels
  • KBlocks: sounds support
  • New game: Killbots
  • New game: Bomber

Libraries & development platform

  • Phonon: VideoWidget snapshot function
  • KHTML: Early domain name resolution (prefetch)
  • KHTML: embedded search/find-as-you-type bar
  • CMake: Reduced library link interface
  • Eigen (how's that interesting?
  • PyKDE: KCM and oder plugins support
  • Various improvements in the Kross Ruby and Python engines
  • New Kross engine: Falcon
  • fish and sftp support on Windows


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