Schedules/KDE4/4.1 Release Goals

The following features will be part of KDE 4.1:

New applications and libraries

  • New: Dragon Player multimedia player
  • New: Ruby, PyQt4 and Plasmoid templates for developers
  • New: printer applet
  • New: Okteta Hex Editor
  • New games: Kdiamond (a bejeweld clone), Kollision, Kubrick, KsirK, KBreakout
  • New: Goya
  • New: Akonadi
  • New: KSystemLog log viewer
  • New: Lokalize (formerly Kaider) computer-aided translation system
  • New: Libksane scanning library and Skanlite scanner application
  • New: A shared emoticon theming system (used in PIM and kopete)
  • New: Step physics simulator
  • New: PHP-Qt
  • Back: KSCD

Improvements in applications

  • Session management and restore from crash in Konqueror
  • Undo closed window and smooth scrolling in Konqueror
  • Annotations in Kate
  • Reimplementation of KInfoCenter
  • Monitoring process output and Pause/resume applications in KSysGuard
  • Color blindness simulation in KMagnifier
  • Overhauled: KCron, cron job administration tool
  • KGet: web interface, transfer settings, torrent support, nepomuk integration, global speedlimits
  • KRDC: ZeroConf support, now detects remote desktops
  • KLinkStatus general improvements
  • Calculator plasmoid and vector support in KAlgebra
  • Molecular editing in Kalzium
  • Improved OpenStreetMap support in Marble
  • Parley has its main windows redesigned
  • ZeroConf support for KBattleShip
  • Gwenview: undo system, Thumbnail bar, new full-screen UI and rating support
  • Okular: better form support, better presentation mode
  • Kopete: AIM offline support, OTR Encryption support, less intrusive notifications, improved statusmanager and configurationdialogs,
  • Dolphin: innovative single-click selection, Copy to/Move to, tabs, treeview, tooltips and improved tagging support
  • Konsole: drag'n'drop of tabs, send input to other terminals
  • Too many too mention in KDE-PIM
  • Kross-based scripting in KDevelop
  • KColoreditor: color mixing, many new ways of selecting colors (styles) and managing palettes

Improvements in frameworks

  • Support for 3rd party icon themes in compliance to the icon naming specification
  • Support for QtScript, Java, PyQt and QtRuby in the Kross scripting framework
  • CSS3 Media Query in KHTML
  • GStreamer, Quicktime, DirectShow9 Phonon backends
  • Subtitle support in Phonon
  • Caching and interface improvement in KNewStuff
  • DXS support in KNewStuff
  • Add support for galago-like desktop notifications spec
  • Simpler selection of files in single-click mode
  • Font selection dialog has previews now
  • Inline editing and text shadows in the fileview
  • Richtext editor widget
  • Prospective loading of other network resources in KHTML
  • Support for's desktop-bookmark-spec
  • Many improvements in Nepomuk, including rating widget and better performance

Window Manager and Desktop

  • New coverswitch and wobbly windows effect in KWin
  • Selecting a different window manager in the session module
  • Widgets on Canvas
  • Webkit support
  • OSX Dashboard widget support
  • Orientation-dependent layout in Kickoff
  • More polished kickoff
  • Multiple, resizable and relocatable Plasma panels
  • New interface and configuration dialog for KRunner
  • Desktop Search support in KRunner
  • Kross and Plasma integration in SuperKaramba
  • Menu editing via kickoff->rightclick
  • Installing icons themes, splash screens, emoticons and Plasma themes via KNewStuff
  • Systemsettings module for Nepomuk and Strigi
  • New applets like one for character selection, network management, pastebin, Kalzium molecule info, show folder, timer and more

New platforms

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