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Goals for the 4.1 Release:
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* [[Projects/KDE_on_Windows|Windows port]] (Frameworks and Applications)
* [[Projects/KDE_on_Mac_OS_X|Mac port]] (Frameworks and Applications)
* OpenSolaris port
* <font color="red">(Done!)</font> Plasma with widgets on canvas, makes things like layouting much easier, and generally integrating widgets into Plasmoids
* <font color="red">(Done!)</font> Webkit in Plasma
* GStreamer, Quicktime, DirectShow9 Phonon backends
* Apple dashboard widgets support in Plasma
* Decibel VOIP and real-time communication framework
* <font color="red">(Done!)</font> Dragon Player multimedia player
* <font color="red">(Done!)</font> [[Projects/Summer of Code/2007/Projects/KAider|Lokalize]] (formerly Kaider) computer-aided translation system
* <font color="red">(Reschedule for 4.2)</font> More polished Kopete
* <font color="red">(Reschedule for 4.2)</font> KDevelop and KDevplatform modules
* KDE-PIM module, with some Akonadi functionality
* <font color="red">(Reschedule for 4.2)</font> [http://kblogger.pwsp.net KBlogger] for KDE-PIM
* <font color="red">(Done!)</font> Move Akonadi library into the kdepimlibs module
* GetHotNewStuff2 / DXS
* <font color="red">(Reschedule for 4.2)</font> Plasmagik plasma packages and add-on creator
* Lots of smaller features

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