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This is a list of planned features for KDE 4.1. The deadline for adding entries to this page has already passed.

Any features which are not mentioned on this page must be rescheduled for 4.2 and added to the list at Schedules/KDE4/4.2 Feature Plan.

Please ensure that any entries you have on this page are kept up to date with respect to their status (todo, in-progress or done).


  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO various Classes and Widgets that should be moved from others modules up into kdelibs The Core Developers <>
DONE kdeui Add KFadeWidgetEffect to easily add fading UI transitions to KDE applications Matthias Kretz <>
DONE kdeui Make icon naming spec compliant 3rd party icon themes like Tango or gnome-icon-theme work correctly. Jakob Petsovits <>
DONE kross Add QtScript support Sebastian Sauer <>
DONE KHTML Support CSS3 Media Queries Germain Garand <>
DONE KHTML Efficient smooth scrolling Germain Garand <>
DONE Phonon KCM More UI feedback Matthias Kretz <>
IN PROGRESS Phonon better integration of pulseaudio Matthias Kretz <>
IN PROGRESS Phonon allow backend switching on the fly Matthias Kretz <>
DONE Phonon subtitle, audio track selection Matthias Kretz and Ian Monroe <>
TO DO Phonon DVD menu selection support Ian Monroe <>
IN PROGRESS Phonon update device preference on the fly Matthias Kretz <>
DONE kdeui Goya, a framework for inserting controls into itemviews in a really easy and fast way Rafael Fernández López <>
DONE kdeui Rich textedit widget supporting most rich text features. [mailto: Stephen Kelly < >]
IN PROGRESS kdeui Shortcut schemes for KDE applications Alexander Dymo <>
DONE kmimetypetrader/kbuildsycoca Replace use of profilerc for ordering applications with new mimeapps.list standard David Faure <>
DONE knewstuff Support caching, and speed up the interface through use of Models/Views and goya Jeremy Whiting <>
IN PROGRESS Phonon KCM Handle advanced devices Matthias Kretz <>
IN PROGRESS KDEPrint Add CUPS Options tabs to QPrintDialog to support n-up, page borders, banner pages, page labels, mirror pages, job scheduling, and manual CUPS options. John Layt <>
IN PROGRESS KIO speed limits on KIO Transfers Manolo Valdes <>
IN PROGRESS kdeui Printing of shortcuts from the shortcut dialog Andreas Pakulat <>
DONE Kate Part Annotation framework for the editor Andreas Pakulat <>
IN PROGRESS KJS Bytecode interpreter and performance improvements Maks Orlovich <>
IN PROGRESS KHTML Sync class and file structure with WebKit to prepare merging Harri Porten <>
IN PROGRESS KHTML contentEditable/designMode implementation Germain Garand <>
IN PROGRESS KCalenderSystem Complete migration of Jalali, Hijri, and Hebrew calendars to new code base. John Layt <>
DONE dnssd Models for service browser and domain browser. Jakub Stachowski <>
TO DO KHTML Adaptable/Scriptable workarounds for broken websites. Maks Orlovich <>
TO DO KHTML support for borders-* properties from the CSS3 Background and Borders Module Germain Garand <>
IN PROGRESS KHTML support for Audio/Video tags from the HTML5 draft specification Germain Garand <>
DONE KHTML prospective loading of other network resources while waiting for arrival of blocking scripts Germain Garand <>
IN PROGRESS KJS Public API for extensions. Possibly analog to JavaScriptCore's C API. Harri Porten <>
TO DO KTextEditor Several interface extensions (e.g. open/save filter) Kate Developers <>
TO DO KTextEditor Plugin for basic collaborative editing Kate Developers <>
IN PROGRESS Kate Part Scripting support for indentation and little helpers Kate Developers <>
TO DO Kate Part Input modes to allow e.g. vim-like editing Kate Developers <>
DONE KIO Implement support for inline editing in KFileItemDelegate Fredrik Höglund <>
DONE KIO Add support for drawing text shadows in KFileItemDelegate Fredrik Höglund <>
DONE Emoticons lib An emoticons library so each applications doesn't have to implement the same things over and over again Carlo Segato <>
DONE KFile Implement fd.o desktop-bookmark-spec for KFilePlacesModel Norbert Frese <>
TO DO kdeui Support for About Data of libs and modules used by a program Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
DONE kdeui Drop-in replacement for QFontComboBox, with more informative previews in non-Latin1 locales Chusslove Illich <>
DONE KAboutLicense Select licenses by keyword, to centralize license info texts for frequent licenses. Chusslove Illich <>
DONE KIO KIO::AuthInfo and PasswordDialog: optional fields (like "domain"); optional anonymous switch and flag to suppress KIO's password caching Norbert Frese <>
TO DO kdeui Support for KConfigGroup in KConfigSkeleton Aaron Seigo <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Akonadi Move the Akonadi development library from kdepim. Volker Krause <>
DONE Akonadi Item streaming in ItemSync/ResourceBase (details) Tom Albers <>
DONE Akonadi Payload serialization format versioning (details) Tobias Koenig <>
DONE Akonadi API for additional item parts (details) Tobias Koenig <>
DONE Akonadi Infrastructure for showing additional dialogs from agents/resources (details) Tom Albers <>
DONE Akonadi Allow to limit ItemFetchJob to current cache content (details) Volker Krause <>
DONE Akonadi Fix API for item/collection modifications (details) Volker Krause <>
DONE Akonadi Plugin Versioning (details) Tobias Koenig <>
DONE Akonadi Tray app (details) Tom Albers <>
DONE Akonadi Backup support (details) Tom Albers <>
TO DO gpgme++2 newly designed gpgme++ (multithreaded, exceptions, less event loop integration: better for Windows) Marc Mutz (Gpg4win) <>
DONE kpimutils Change linklocator to use the new emoticon lib Carlo Segato <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Dolphin Details-view: Allow to open folders as tree (turned off per default). Peter Penz <>
DONE Dolphin Refactor view-action handling to a DolphinViewActionHandler to share more code with DolphinPart David Faure <>
DONE Konqueror Re-implement Copy To / Move To in the popup menu David Faure <>
DONE Konqueror Separate Home URL settings in konquerorrc and kfmrc; save toolbar settings into the profile automatically David Faure <>
DONE Dolphin Simplify selecting of files in the single-click mode (based on Peter Penz <>
IN PROGRESS Raptor The KDE4-Application-Menu <{{{3}}}>
DONE Dolphin Provide optional tooltips for files and directories. Peter Penz <>
DONE Dolphin Tabs Peter Penz <>
IN PROGRESS Konqueror Bring back the large tooltip like in kde3 David Faure <>
DONE Konqueror Session management (save/restore session/restore from crash). Eduardo Robles Elvira <>
DONE Konqueror Support for undo closed window. Eduardo Robles Elvira <>
DONE Konqueror Allow to configure the Dolphin KPart within the Konquerors settings dialog. Peter Penz <>
DONE KInfocenter Improve code and usability. Nicolas Ternisien <>
DONE KInfocenter Reimplement partitions list. Nicolas Ternisien <>
DONE KInfocenter Reimplement memory module. Nicolas Ternisien <>
DONE KInfocenter Reimplement PCI module. Nicolas Ternisien <>
TO DO KInfocenter Reimplement Network module. Nicolas Ternisien <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Plasma Kickoff orientation dependent layout Will Stephenson <>
DONE kmenuedit Restore menu system Laurent Montel <>
DONE KCM autostart Configure autostart desktop file Laurent Montel <>
DONE Plasma improve fail to launch and needs


Aaron Seigo <>
DONE ksmserver UI for selecting WMs Luboš Luňák <>
DONE Plasma polish kickoff Will Stephenson <>
DONE Plasma toolbox improvements Aaron Seigo <>
DONE Plasma GHNS2 plasma themes Jeremy Whiting <>
DONE Plasma Resizable, relocatable panel Stephan Binner <>
IN PROGRESS Solid Refactor Solid::Control networking Will Stephenson <>
IN PROGRESS Solid Backend for NetworkManager 0.7 Will Stephenson <>
IN PROGRESS System Settings Filtering/Lazy load category modules Will Stephenson <>
IN PROGRESS KSysGuard Monitor process I/O John Tapsell <>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Mac-like menu bar plasmoid Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
TO DO System Settings Administrator mode support Will Stephenson <>
IN PROGRESS krunner Revamp GUI. Riccardo Iaconelli <>
DONE Plasma keyboard shortcuts Armitage <Chani Armitage>
DONE Plasma webkit widget Aaron Seigo <>
DONE Plasma dashboard widget support Aaron Seigo <>
IN PROGRESS Plasma QtScript scriptengine Richard Moore <>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Improve QtScript support Richard Moore <>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Zooming User Interface Chani Armitage <>
DONE Plasma Multiple Desktop Containments Chani Armitage <>
DONE Plasma API changes Projects/Plasma/Tokamak1 Plasma team <>
DONE Plasma Panel Toolbox Marco Martin <>
DONE Plasma Panel changes to make it work with the new default theme Marco Martin <>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Generic folder view applet/containment, that can also be used as the desktop background (showing the desktop folder). Fredrik Höglund <>
DONE Krunner Configuration dialog for KRunner Ryan P. Bitanga <>
DONE Plasma Temperature sensing in the device engine Christopher Blauvelt <>
DONE Plasma Video data in the device engine Christopher Blauvelt <>
TO DO Plasma New plasma themes Nuno Pinheiro <>
DONE Plasma change showConfigurationInterfaction to createConfigurationInterface Aaron Seigo <>
DONE Plasma Plasma::Service Aaron Seigo <>
TO DO Plasma panel hiding Aaron Seigo <>
DONE KWin non-linear animations also for KWin Sebastian Kuegler <>
DONE KWin Compiz's wobbly like effect for KWin Cédric Borgese <>
DONE KDM Theme KDM (login manager) by default Urs Wolfer <>
DONE Splash screen New default splashscreen Riccardo Iaconelli <>
IN PROGRESS Nepomuk Simple Desktop Search client based on Nepomuk search Sebastian Trueg <>
IN PROGRESS Plasma Add a dataengine that implements Notifications DBus interface plasmoid which provides cute visualization of notifications along with nice and easy way to interact with them Dmitry Suzdalev <>
DONE Plasma loadDefaultSetup from a file, not hardcoded Aaron Seigo <>
DONE ksmserver Make the fade-to-gray logout effect work even when composite is disabled Fredrik Höglund <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS nepomuk Service that monitors file rename and delete operations and updates the metadata accordingly. kded module already exists in playground. problem: depends on inotify. Sebastian Trueg <>
DONE KCM emoticons Adding/editing/removing emoticons theme Carlo Segato <>
DONE KCM splash screen Be able to install splash screen themes via GHNS2 Sebastian Sauer <>
DONE KCM icons Be able to install icon themes via GHNS2 Sebastian Sauer <>
IN PROGRESS phonon-xine snapshots in video widget Matthias Kretz <>
TO DO phonon-xine try to make VideoWidget work on GraphicsView Matthias Kretz <>
TO DO phonon-xine make states compatible to other backends Matthias Kretz <>
TO DO phonon-xine better support for pulseaudio (most work possibly in kdelibs) Matthias Kretz <>
IN PROGRESS phonon-gstreamer Make phonon-gstreamer as released with Qt 4.4 fully integrate into KDE and add the features added to libphonon after libphonon 4.1 Matthias Kretz <>
DONE desktop ioslave Add an ioslave that lists the contents of the desktop folder, and reports the names in the .desktop files instead of the actual file names. Fredrik Höglund <>
DONE knotify Add support for galago-like desktop notifications spec - if knotify will find a certain DBus service on session bus, it'll forward its popup notification events to this service Dmitry Suzdalev <>
DONE Oxygen cursors Oxygen cursor set Riccardo Iaconelli <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KMagnifier Add color blindness simulation Matthew Woehlke <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KSystemLog KSystemLog, a Log Viewer Tool. Move from kde-apps <>
DONE KCron Do some refactoring in KCron <>
DONE KCron Improve ergonomy and general interface <>
DONE KCron Fix all existing bugs in KCron <>
DONE KCron Convert KCron into a KCM Module, to use it in System Settings <>
IN PROGRESS Environment Variables Create a environment variables KCM Module <>


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Smoke2 Move modular Smoke2 to kdebindings-trunk. KDE-bindings developers <>
DONE PHP-Qt Move PHP-Qt to kdebindings-trunk. KDE-bindings developers <>
DONE krossjava Move krossjava to kdebindings-trunk. Sebastian Sauer <>
DONE krosspython Implicit convert PyQt/PyKDE QObject/QWidget instances. Sebastian Sauer <>
DONE krossruby Implicit convert QtRuby/Korundum QObject/QWidget instances. Sebastian Sauer <>
DONE Qyoto Add delegate support for signal/slot connections. KDE-bindings developers <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Kalzium Clean up the database. I am syncing with the BlueObelisk data repository again. There we decided to remove the density (not a element property but a compound property. I also removed the mean weight. We think it is better to provide correct data than a lot (but partly wrong) data. Carsten Niehaus <>
DONE KAlgebra Calculator Plasmoid Aleix Pol <>
DONE KAlgebra Vector support Aleix Pol <>
DONE KAlgebra 2D Function support improved Aleix Pol <>
DONE Step A physics simulator, move from playground to kdeedu module Vladimir Kuznetsov <>
DONE Kalzium Update the snapshot of libavogadro to 0.6.1. This introduces a gazillion new possibilities for the 3D renderer and fixes many issues. Carsten Niehaus <>
DONE Kalzium Make use of the new libavogadro-version. Carsten Niehaus <>
DONE Kalzium Expose molecular editing features of libavogadro. Marcus D. Hanwell <>
DONE Marble Copy position to clipboard Torsten Rahn <>
DONE Marble Create Tiles on compile time Torsten Rahn <>
DONE Parley Redesigned main window Frederik Gladhorn <>
DONE Parley Vocabulary Plasmoid Frederik Gladhorn <>
DONE Step Improve GUI for creating gas Vladimir Kuznetsov <>
DONE KAlgebra Variables share between 2D and Console Aleix Pol <>
DONE Parley Export as HTML support Frederik Gladhorn <>
DONE Kiten Link radselect with kiten Joe Kerian <>
DONE Kiten Sort output by dictionary/user selected sorting values Joe Kerian <>
DONE Kig Cubic-line intersection in case two of the three intersection points are already present Maurizio Paolini <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KBreakout New game <>
DONE KDiamond New game Stefan Majewsky <>
DONE Kollision New game Paolo Capriotti <>
DONE KsirK New game Gaël de Chalendar <>
DONE Kubrick New game <ianw>
DONE KBattleship Bring back Zeroconf support for network games <>
DONE KBlocks Finish display of points and level <>
DONE KBlocks Implement KNewStuff support <>
DONE KBlocks Implement key/action/shortcut configuration <>
DONE KBlocks Docbook <>
DONE KMines Add pause actions <>
DONE KNetWalk Better scoring system Fela Winkelmolen <>
DONE KNetWalk Add support for loading new themes Fela Winkelmolen <>
DONE KNetWalk Configurable keyboard support <>
IN PROGRESS KGoldRunner Improved theming and animation <>
IN PROGRESS KGoldRunner Sound support and theming <>
IN PROGRESS KSquares Multiplayer support <josef>
IN PROGRESS KGGZ Add kggzcore and kggzdmod libraries <josef>
TO DO KBlocks Add additional themes <>
TO DO KGGZ Add new Qt4-based core client as successor to the old KDE3-based KGGZ (now SoC proposal) <josef (now SoC proposal)>
TO DO KGGZ Fire-and-forget highscore submission for single-player games and client-to-client multiplayer games <josef)>
TO DO KGoldRunner Also see kdegames/kgoldrunner/TODO <ianw>
TO DO KGoldRunner Hot new stuff support for themes and levels <>
TO DO KGoldRunner Startup screen <>
TO DO KMahjongg Reimplement the Board Editor <>
TO DO KShisen Port to KScoreDialog <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Gwenview Undo system Aurélien Gâteau <>
DONE Gwenview Fullscreen meta information Aurélien Gâteau <>
DONE Gwenview Ability to open an image with another application Aurélien Gâteau <>
DONE Okular Better Text-To-Speech integration: speech the whole document, the current page or the selection. Pino Toscano <>
DONE Okular Encryption support for ODF generator <>
DONE Okular Backward direction for text search. Pino Toscano <>
IN PROGRESS Okular Centralized text & graphics antialias configuration. Pino Toscano <>
DONE Okular EPub backend. Ely Levy <>
IN PROGRESS Okular Improved form support (add missing types, handle the fields better). Pino Toscano <>
IN PROGRESS Gwenview Support for tagging with Nepomuk Aurélien Gâteau <>
IN PROGRESS Gwenview Thumbnail bar in view and fullscreen modes Aurélien Gâteau <>
DONE Gwenview Crop ratio Aurélien Gâteau <>
TO DO Gwenview KIPI support Aurélien Gâteau <>
TO DO Gwenview Red eye correction Aurélien Gâteau <>
TO DO Gwenview Start page Aurélien Gâteau <>
IN PROGRESS Okular JavaScript support (mostly for PDF documents). Pino Toscano <>
DONE Okular Improved placement and sizing of the presentation mode: choose the screen to use, adapt to screen size changes. Pino Toscano <>
TO DO Okular Caret annotations. Pino Toscano <>
IN PROGRESS Okular File attachment annotations. Pino Toscano <>
TO DO Okular Sound annotations. Pino Toscano <>
TO DO Okular Link annotations. Pino Toscano <>
TO DO Okular Improve annotation support: for existing types (rubber stamps, line, note, etc), and for the way they are constructed and handled. Pino Toscano <>
IN PROGRESS Okular Separate the "view properties" out of the Document, in a View class. Use it for the page view and the presentation mode. Pino Toscano <>
TO DO Okular Per-document zoom level. Pino Toscano <>
DONE libksane Move libksane to kdegraphics Kåre Särs <>
DONE ksaneplugin Replase libkscan with ksaneplugin Kåre Särs <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Dragon Player A simple Phonon-based videoplayer application Ian Monroe <>
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player Make Dragon indipendent from Xine Ian Monroe <>
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player File Manager Ian Monroe <>
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player play media dialog Ian Monroe <>
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player slider changes Ian Monroe <>
IN PROGRESS Dragon Player show info while playing audio files Ian Monroe <>
DONE JuK Show cover art from more sources Michael Pyne <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KGet Group-Settings Lukas Appelhans <>
DONE KGet Torrent-Support Lukas Appelhans <>
DONE KGet Transfer-Settings Lukas Appelhans <>
DONE KGet Webinterface Urs Wolfer <>
DONE Kopete AIM offline messages Roman Jarosz <>
DONE Kopete OTR Encryption support Michael Zanetti <>
DONE Kopete Status manager Roman Jarosz <>
DONE Kopete Non-intrusive notification system Roman Jarosz <>
DONE Kopete Bring back chat style selection via knewstuff2 Dennis Nienhüser <>
IN PROGRESS Kopete ICQ 6 status icons Roman Jarosz <>
IN PROGRESS Kopete Use notebook lid for auto away Roman Jarosz <>
DONE Kopete use the new emoticons library Carlo Segato <>
DONE KGet Nepomuk-Integration Lukas Appelhans <>
DONE KGet Global Speedlimits Lukas Appelhans <>
DONE KGet Setup libbtcore from KTorrent in KGet (to avoid dependency to extragear) Urs Wolfer <>
DONE KGet Extend the TransferHistory to use SQLite and XML-Backends and display the information inside a kcategorizedview Javier Goday <>
TO DO Kopete GroupWise chatroom support Will Stephenson <>
TO DO Decibel Decibel, a framework for real time communication services. Move from playground/pim Tobias Hunger <>
DONE KRDC Optional system tray icon (with quick access to bookmarks) Urs Wolfer <>
DONE KRDC Improved behavior of entering special keys for better workflow Urs Wolfer <>
DONE KRDC Zeroconf support (detecting remote desktop services in local network) Magnus Romnes <>
DONE KRDC Bookmark dock widget for quick access to bookmarks Urs Wolfer <>
DONE KRDC Support for up- and downscaling VNC remote desktop Urs Wolfer <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE KAddressbook Ability to add LDAP search results to distribution lists Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KAddressbook Indication of which resource folder a contact belongs to Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KAddressbook Read-only view for contacts in read-only folders Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KAddressbook copy/cut/paste context menu items Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KAlarm Allow use of multiple calendar resources David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Handle time zones and seasonal time changes properly David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Abolish alarm daemon and make kalarm trigger alarms itself David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Replace simple repetitions by recurrence sub-repetitions to reduce confusion David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm New option for display alarm text to be generated by a command David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Option to display alarm only if pre-alarm command succeeded David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm New option to specify reminder times in minutes David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm New option to restrict alarms to working hours David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Prevent multiple identical error messages accumulating for the same alarm David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Provide "don't show again for this alarm" option for command error messages David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Remember main window show/hide options used when KAlarm closed instead of setting them in Preferences dialog David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Simplification and improvements to alarm edit dialog David Jarvie <>
DONE KAlarm Option to display alarms in centre of screen, with enable delay on buttons to avoid accidental acknowledgement David Jarvie <>
DONE KJots Support more rich text features like text formatting, hyperlinks and ordered/unordered lists. Stephen Kelly <>
DONE KJots Add checkmarks to pages. Stephen Kelly <>
DONE KJots Port to KRichText widget. Stephen Kelly <>
DONE KJots Create a Kontact::Plugin to integrate kjots into Kontact. Stephen Kelly <>
DONE Kleopatra Ability to search in internal and external certificates at the same time Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE Kleopatra General UI Server Marc Mutz (Gpg4win) <>
DONE Kleopatra New, tabbed, mainwindow design Marc Mutz (Gpg4win) <>
DONE KMail Ability to create hyperlinks in HTML messages Stephen Kelly <>
DONE KMail Ability to easily create todos with reminders from emails Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Ability to open messages from search results when the reader is hidden Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Better invitation update emails showing what changed Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Better reminder visualization in very small events Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Better, natural language search criteria names Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Clickable status columns Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Client side configurability of warnings in shared folders Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Colored ribbons for indication of signing and encryption status in the composer Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Configuration option for whether invitation emails are automatically deleted or not when having been acted upon Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Copy/paste and drag and drop from/to the mail composer Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Decryption on demand in reader window Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Display of quota information in foldertree tooltips Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Drag and drop and copy and paste support in the search result viewer Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Drag and drop from the mail reader window and mime-tree viewer Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Drag and drop of folders Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Editing of attachments from the composer Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Export and import of filters Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Favorites Folder Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Folder quicksearch Martin Koller <>
DONE KMail Harmonization of actions in main and standalone mail reader windows Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail IMAP Server storage of non-standard flags Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Improved TNEF attachment handling Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Improved quota warnings Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Initialize full search from quicksearch on request Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Override font and fontsize for standalone message viewers Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Per-folder identity configurability Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Recursive IMAP cache troubleshooting Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Resizable recipients area in composer Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Support for creating new mails based on received mails (Resend) Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Support for immediate sync of resource folders Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Support for soft line breaking Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Tab navigation through groups in the address completion Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Text snippets with shortcuts and variable expansion in the composer Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Warning about active out-of-office scripts Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail lost+found recovery of locally changed folders that lose access rights Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KMail Port to use KRichTextEdit [mailto: Thomas McGuire <>]
DONE KNotes Ability to print notes Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KonsoleKalendar Support "file" and "localdir" resources Allen Winter <>
DONE Kontact Config option to close despite system tray Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE Kontact Harmonization of component naming in sidebar, configuration, summary view Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE Kontact Right-aligned component navigation toolbar Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE Kontact Ubiquitous sync actions Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Ability to have both distribution lists and addresbook extension visible Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Aggregated reminders view Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Better default resource colors Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Drag and drop of attachments Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Faster initial loading of kolab resources Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Forwarding and delegation of invitations Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Improved coloring of agenda view items Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Improved event printing Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Merge of the attachment view in into the main page Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Merge of the free-busy and attendee views for easier scheduling Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Month view scrolling, paging, mouse-wheeling Thomas Thrainer <>
DONE KOrganizer More readable Kolab resource folder labels Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Redesigned incidence editor UI Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Side-by-side calendar view Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Support for by-value attachments Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Timeline calendar view Kolab Konsortium <>
DONE KOrganizer Rich text incidence editor Mike Arthur <>
DONE KOrganizer Hide/Show reminder daemon icon in the systeay Allen Winter <>
DONE KOrganizer New To-do View (model/view) Thomas Thrainer <>
DONE KOrganizer Blog-styled journal view Mike Arthur <>
DONE KOrganizer Blogging KResource Mike Arthur <>
DONE ktimetracker Column-specific whatsthis-help [mailto: Thorsten Stärk < >]
DONE ktimetracker Combined search and add task widget [mailto: Thorsten Stärk < >]
DONE ktimetracker Drag&Drop [mailto: Thorsten Stärk < >]
DONE ktimetracker File management (file->load) [mailto: Thorsten Stärk < >]
DONE ktimetracker Managing history [mailto: Thorsten Stärk < >]
DONE ktimetracker Tracking tasks by active applications [mailto: Thorsten Stärk < >]
DONE ktimetracker Whatsthis-help dependent on if a task has been created [mailto: Thorsten Stärk < >]

DONE KMail HTML Signatures Edwin Schepers <>

DONE KOrganizer New Month View (qgraphicsitem) Bruno Virlet <>
DONE KMail Improved error messages and audit log for cryptographic operations Kolab Konsortium <>

DONE KOrganizer Ability to jump to the right day in the agenda from invitation mails Kolab Konsortium <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Cervisia New context menu entry "Add to Ignore List" Christian Loose <>
DONE Lokalize Move this application (formerly known as Kaider) from extragear Nick Shaforostoff <>
IN PROGRESS Cervisia A file view based on KDirModel Christian Loose <>
IN PROGRESS KBugBuster Make it work Fabio Locati <>
IN PROGRESS KCachegrind Everything working again Josef Weidendorfer <>
IN PROGRESS Kate Session plasmoid Laurent Montel <>
DONE KAppTemplate Make a GUI for it Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
DONE KAppTemplate Add a PyQt4 template Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
DONE KAppTemplate Add a Ruby template Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
DONE KAppTemplate Add a Plasmoid template Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
TO DO KCachegrind Better handling of huge symbols Josef Weidendorfer <>
TO DO kioslave svn Add Export/Import feature Laurent Montel <>
TO DO Kate App Improved session management Kate Developers <>


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
DONE printer-applet Add printer applet for viewing print jobs and printer auto-configuration. Jonathan Riddell <jriddell@ubuntuFIXMEcom>
DONE Okteta binary/hex editor (successor to KHexEdit). Move from playground/utils. Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
DONE Okteta enable extract-strings tool and add copy Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
DONE Okteta add "Export as" Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
DONE Okteta make printing support only selection Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
IN PROGRESS Okteta ask artists for own icon Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
DONE Okteta more explicit titels for undo/redo actions, also from filters Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <>
IN PROGRESS KDiskFree Use Solid API Nicolas Ternisien <>
TO DO KwikDisk Replace it by a Plasmoid (in the desktop bar and on the desktop Nicolas Ternisien <>
DONE SuperKaramba Integrate Kross and be able to write Karambas using Python, Ruby and JavaScript [mailto: The SuperKaramba Team <>]
DONE SuperKaramba Integrate into Plasma [mailto: The SuperKaramba Team <>]


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Kommander Port the executor to KDE4. Andras Mantia <>
TO DO Kommander Create Qt Designer plugins for the editor. Andras Mantia <>
IN PROGRESS Quanta Plus Create an upload plugin. [mailto: Niko Sams <>]
IN PROGRESS Quanta Plus Create a new, state machine based parser. [mailto: Andras Mantia <>]
IN PROGRESS Quanta Plus Port existing functionality to KDevPlatform plugins. Only text mode is targeted. Andras Mantia <>
DONE KXslDbg Port to KDE4. [

Keith Isdale < >]

TO DO KLinkStatus Aided correction of broken links [mailto: <>]
DONE KLinkStatus Site check automation Paulo Moura Guedes <>
IN PROGRESS KLinkStatus D-Bus/Scripting interfaces Paulo Moura Guedes <>
IN PROGRESS KLinkStatus HTML validation Sam Ryan <>
DONE KLinkStatus Ability to export only broken links Paulo Moura Guedes <>
DONE KLinkStatus Ability to do background search which only update the GUI when finished (much faster)) Paulo Moura Guedes <>
DONE KLinkStatus Tray Icon and KUniqueApplication Moura Guedes <Paulo Moura Guedes>
DONE KLinkStatus Scripting Plugin Moura Guedes <Paulo Moura Guedes>
DONE KLinkStatus Get Hot New Stuff for HTML result stylesheets Moura Guedes <Paulo Moura Guedes>

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