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=== kdebase-apps ===
=== kdebase-apps ===
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! Status !! Project !! Description !! Contact
! Status !! Project !! Description !! Contact

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KDE4.1 Feature Plan


Deadline for adding entries here for the 4.1 release is xxx.
Entries can be added after that date, but they may not be included with 4.1.

todo => not started yet
in-progress => started, but not completed yet
done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
todo fred add foo to fred. foo will provide the ability to make fred do neat stuff, but only on Tuesday. For more info see this link john [email protected]
in-progress fred add upside-down video support using the UDV library. john [email protected]
fred needs this [email protected] description missing email missing <{{{6}}}>

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