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= KDE4.1 Feature Plan =
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== Instructions ==
Deadline for adding entries here for the 4.1 release is xxx.<br>
Entries can be added after that date, but they may not be included with 4.1.
todo => not started yet<br>
in-progress => started, but not completed yet<br>
done => completed
=== kdebase-apps ===
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
! Status !! Project !! Description !! Contact
|- valign=top style="background-color: red;"
| todo || fred || add foo to fred. foo will provide the ability to make fred do neat stuff, but only on Tuesday. For more info see [http://foo.org this link]  || [mailto:[email protected] john [email protected]]
|- valign=top style="background-color: yellow;"
| in-progress || fred || add upside-down video support using the UDV library.  || [mailto:[email protected] john [email protected]]
{{FeatureTodo|fred|fred needs this|[email protected]}}
{{FeatureInProgress|fred|fred needs this|[email protected]}}
{{FeatureDone|fred|fred needs this|[email protected]}}

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