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This is a list of planned features for the SC 4.13 release.

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  • to do => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Umbrello Link Umbrello Development List <>
IN PROGRESS Umbrello Link Umbrello Development List <>
DONE Umbrello Link Umbrello Development List <>


Status Project Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Knotes Port to Akonadi <>
DONE Knote Agent Agent to inform when a note has an alarm, and inform when we got note from network <>
DONE SieveEditor Application which allows to configure sieve script without akonadi support <>
DONE StorageServiceManager Application which allows manage your storage service as DropBox/YouSendit etc. <>
IN PROGRESS StorageService library Library which allows manage your storage service as DropBox/YouSendit etc. <>
DONE Merge Folder Archive Agent in KMail It was not a real Agent. So I merged it in KMail <>
DONE libksieve Add help on sieve language <>
DONE libksieve Allow to define vacation on each imap server <>
DONE KAddressBook Improve Grantlee printing support <>
IN PROGRESS KAddressBook Add Merge Contact Support <>
DONE KMail Add support for generate short url <>
DONE KMail Add immutable config support <>
DONE Blogilo Add support for storage service <>
TO DO libksieve Add support for include scripts <>
TO DO PimSettingExport Add console mode <>
DONE KMail Improve quick search line <>
DONE KMail Create new widget to create Todo <>


Status Project Description Contact
DONE Palapeli SUMMARY: A suite of new features to support solving of large jigsaw puzzles in Palapeli (300 to 10,000 pieces) Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Fast zoom between close-up and distant views, using a mouse button (default Middle-Click) Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Automatic setting of default scales for close-up and distant views, based on puzzle dimensions Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Filling the QGraphicsView widget after loading, to form a distant view that shows all pieces at as large a scale as possible Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Automatic saving of manual adjustments to the initial scales of close-up and distant views Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Ability to create and delete small floating tool-windows called "holders", for holding selected and sorted pieces Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Ability to name, resize, scroll, zoom, move, minimize, maximize and close holders Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Facility to "teleport" selected and sorted pieces instantly into, out of and between holders, using a mouse button (default Shift Left-Click) Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Automatic arrangement of teleported pieces into a compact grid in the receiving area Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli More conspicuous highlighting of selections at all view-scales Ian Wadham <>
DONE Palapeli Faster loading of new and saved puzzles Ian Wadham <>
TO DO Palapeli Ability to drag and drop pieces between holders and the main puzzle table Ian Wadham <>

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