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Schedules/KDE4/4.0 Upstream Issues

Listed below are various upstream issues that are considered release critical problems. This is not a bug tracker or meant to supplant one, but to keep a running tally of open upstream issues we need to address for KDE4 releases.
Upstream Issues HotList


  • Problem: CSS currently resets fonts in widgets when used, making it very difficult to use with widgets where fonts are set programmatically as done throughout KDE.
    • Affects: All widgets using CSS, such as the Konqueror location bar when using CSS to set an offset for the clear button.
    • Solution: Pending; perhaps a CSS value (font: QWidget?) that prevents the style sheet from resetting fonts outside of what the widget is doing. Can be done currently on a case-by-case basis by overriding changeEvent, intercepting font changes and updating CSS strings containing the font desired; this is error prone (easy to trigger infinite loops) and seems sub-optimal.
    • Status: upstream is investigating solutions.
  • Problem: Designer converts WhatsThis text to richtext blocks
    • Affects: translators who get opaque blocks of html code
    • Solution: None yet
    • Status: Fixed for Qt4.4, patch being reviewed for qt-copy
    • Upstream tracker link


  • Problem: short Oggs are not played properly
    • Affects: Phonon playing short sounds, therefore all audio notification in KDE
    • Solution: Patch being worked on by Matthias Kretz, needs to be upstreamed to libxine
    • Status: Patch sent, pending approval

gcc 4.3

  • Problem: gcc 4.3 is expected to be released around the same time as KDE 4.0. Current gcc 4.3 SVN snapshots miscompile KDE 4.0 snapshots, causing core applications like plasma and konqueror to crash on startup.
    • Status: small, self-contained test case is needed

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