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{{Info|2=Upstream Issues HotList|Listed below are various upstream issues that are considered release critical problems. This is not a bug tracker or meant to supplant one, but to keep a running tally of open upstream issues we need to address for KDE4 releases.}}
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== Qt4 ==
* '''Problem''': CSS currently resets fonts in widgets when used, making it very difficult to use with widgets where fonts are set programmatically as done throughout KDE.
** Affects: All widgets using CSS, such as the Konqueror location bar when using CSS to set an offset for the clear button.
** Solution: Pending; perhaps a CSS value (font: QWidget?) that prevents the style sheet from resetting fonts outside of what the widget is doing. Can be done currently on a case-by-case basis by overriding changeEvent, intercepting font changes and updating CSS strings containing the font desired; this is error prone (easy to trigger infinite loops) and seems sub-optimal.
** Status: Fixed for Qt4.4, CSS will only touch the font values explicitly mentioned in the style sheet and leave other values alone
* '''Problem''': Designer converts WhatsThis text to richtext blocks
** Affects: translators who get opaque blocks of html code
** Solution: None yet
** Status: Fixed for Qt4.4, patch being reviewed for qt-copy
** [http://trolltech.com/developer/task-tracker/index_html?id=187205&method=entry Upstream tracker link]
== Xine ==
* '''Problem''': short Oggs are not played properly
** Affects: Phonon playing short sounds, therefore all audio notification in KDE
** Solution: Patch being worked on by Matthias Kretz, needs to be upstreamed to libxine
** Status: Patch sent, fixed in xine-lib 1.1.9

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