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KDE 4.0 Compilation Requirements


Compiler Requirements. KDE is designed to be portable and hence to compile with a large variety of GNU/Linux, UNIX, Windows and MacOS compilers. However, KDE is advancing very rapidly and the ability of native compilers on various systems to compile KDE depends on users of those systems [[1]] compile problems to the responsible developers.

In addition, the C++ implementation in gcc/egcs, the most popular KDE compiler, has been advancing rapidly, and has also recently undergone a major redesign. As a result, KDE will not compile properly with older versions of gcc or most newer releases.

In particular, gcc versions earlier than gcc-2.95, such as egcs-1.1.2 or gcc-2.7.2, may not properly compile some components of KDE 3.5. While there have been reports of successful KDE compilations with the so-called gcc-2.96 and gcc-3.4 (cvs), the KDE project at this time recommends the use of gcc-3.3.1 or a version of gcc which shipped with a stable Linux distribution and which was used successfully to compile a stable KDE for that distribution. 

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