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Aggregation of things which need going through to write the final announcement.
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Previous announcements:
* [http://www.googlesyndicatedsearch.com/u/dot?num=100&hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=KDE+4+released&btnG=Search dot articles]
* Possibility to switch languages on the fly, thus alowing to fallback on an other one than english when a bit of translation is missing. Usefull for people who speack many languages but not english, or just prefer for instance fallback on german from deutch. Seen on Montel's blog in french here : https://www.aegiap.eu/kdeblog/index.php/fonctionnalite-de-kde4/
* Integration of [http://kross.dipe.org Kross] into kdelibs,
* [[Development/Tutorials/SuperKaramba|SuperKaramba]] got ported, extended, supports Ruby and JavaScript too now, got connected with Plasma, ...
== Development Related Topics ==
* mention http://api.kde.org as API reference
* mention [[Development/Tutorials|TechBase Tutorials]] section

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