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List of nice and important changes between beta2 and beta3 so they can be put in the announcement article. Put links in here!!!

  • work on KNotes [1]


  • About Kommander

Matthias Wieser integrated the cool Kommander tool, which enables even very unskilled developers to quickly build GUI applications.

(they didn't make it, too much work. might become something later on?)

  • About MARBLE (SoC work)

much work, not the least on Marble. It alone had three Summer of Code projects, with Andrew Manson working on GPS support, Carlos Licea on 2D projection and Murad Tagirov busy with KML support. (beta 3 stuff)

  • KVocTrain (from KDE-Edu) is renamed to Parley ( Parley is a discussion or conference, especially one between enemies over terms of truce or other matters).
  • Parley has a new start test dialog, enabling arbitrary language combinations (wish for three years) [2] and [3]
  • kget was integrated with Plasma:


Todo: - ask KDE-pim ppl about progress!!! - get plasma screencast?!?

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