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List of nice and important changes between beta2 and beta3 so they can be put in the announcement article. Put links in here!!!

  • work on KNotes [1]


  • About Kommander

<a href="">Matthias Wieser integrated</a> the cool <a href="">Kommander tool</a>, which enables even very unskilled developers to quickly build GUI applications.

(they didn't make it, too much work. might become something later on?)

  • About MARBLE (SoC work)

much work, not the least on <a href="">Marble</a>. It alone had three Summer of Code projects, with <a href="">Andrew Manson</a> working on <a href="">GPS support</a>, <a href="">Carlos Licea</a> on <a href="">2D projection</a> and <a href="">Murad Tagirov</a> busy with <a href="">KML support</a>. (beta 3 stuff)

Todo: - ask KDE-pim ppl about progress!!! - get plasma screencast?!?

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