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KDE Frameworks 5.0

Schedule toward 5.0 release:

  • Alpha 1, February 14st 2014;
  • Alpha 2, March 1st;
  • Beta 1, March 28th, no SIC change allowed anymore;
  • Beta 2, May 4th;
  • Beta 3, June 1st;
  • Final, July 1st, no BIC change allowed anymore;

KDE Frameworks 5.x

  • 5.1 tagged on August 2nd, released on August 7th, 2014, release notes
  • 5.2 tagged on September 6th, released on September 11th, 2014, release notes
  • 5.3 tagged on Oct 4th, released on October 9th, 2014, release notes
  • 5.4 tagged on Nov 1st, released on November 6th, 2014, release notes
  • 5.5 tagged on December 6th, released on December 11th, 2014, release notes
  • 5.6 tagged on January 3rd, released on January 8th, 2015, release notes
  • 5.7 tagged on February 7th, released on February 12th, 2015, release notes
  • 5.8 tagged on March 7th, released on March 12th, 2015, release notes
  • 5.9 tagged on April 4th, released on April 9th, 2015


  • The last 2 weeks before every tagging day are the string freeze, so translators can avoid working with a moving target.
  • There is no feature freeze, as long as the features are unittested and reviewed, and don't collide with the string freeze.

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