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This is a list of planned features for the KDE Applications 14.12 release.
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See also:
*[[Schedules/Applications/14.12 Release Schedule]]
*[[Schedules/KDE4/4.14 Feature Plan]] (previous major release)
<br> Legend:
*to do =&gt; not started yet
*in-progress =&gt; started, but not completed yet
*done =&gt; completed
= kdesdk =
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! Status
!  Project
!  width="200px" | Description
!  width="400px" | Contact
{{FeatureTodo|Umbrello|[http://umbrello.kde.org/bugs.php?todofeatures/14.12 Link] |[email protected]| Umbrello Development List}}
{{FeatureInProgress|Umbrello| [http://umbrello.kde.org/bugs.php?assignedfeatures/14.12 Link]                                |[email protected]| Umbrello Development List}}
{{FeatureDone|Umbrello| [http://umbrello.kde.org/bugs.php?resolvedfeatures/14.12 Link] |[email protected]| Umbrello Development List}}

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