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As I just can browse the net today, I'll spend some time trying to explain what are my "after 1.0 release" plans. There are basically 3 main ideas that will lead to an hypothetical 2.0 release.

They are:

  • multi tasking
  • apps, not kparts
  • plugins support

Let me explain a bit first 2 ideas. I'd like to split up rekonq code in two parts.

The first one will be a browser WITHOUT tabs. So, just think about the actual rekonq without the tabbar and you'll have an idea.

The second one will be a tabwidget containing (embedding) apps, so that every tab will be (in an ideal world) a different process.

So, if you need the browser, you'll see just the same 1.0 rekonq but with the tabs up, while if you need eg to open/launch a pdf, okular will be embedded into a new tab. You'll obviously have the choice to start it from rekonq (clicking on a pdf link) as a separate (not embedded) app.

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