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This is the Roadmap

This document has the purpose of informing users as to in which direction rekonq is going. This is not a guarantee of what will be done!

If you wanna start contributing, feel free to add one task or simply add your name to one of the features here. You are absolutely free with the RED ones. Contact the developer in the "assignee" column if you wanna help in a YELLOW status feature. (IRC or the mailing list are your friends here)


Planned for 0.7

Feature Comment Status Assignee
Port to last Qt 4.7 && KDE 4.5 code TODO adjam
Improve Ad-Block WIP
add blocking by CSS selector TODO adjam
History management: add visit count field TODO
web shortcuts from a contextual menu in search fields CCBUG:218013 TODO lionel
Full drag and drop support in the Bookmark bar (including text/uri-list) CCBUG:226479 CCBUG: 250623 WIP yoann21
Improve Private Browsing Follow BUG: 249647 suggestions TODO adjam
Explore the XGraphicsWebView opportunity TODO

Next BIG targets

Feature Comment Status Expect in Assignee
Extensions support See Extensions for ideas WIP 0.8
WebGraphicsView TODO 0.7
Data sync bookmarks, passwords... what else? TODO 0.7(?)
MultiTasking Re-thinking it.. TODO 0.9 (?)

Planned for some future release

Feature Comment Status Assignee
New rekonq web site Expect it for 0.7.. :) WIP
Tabs up TODO adjam
"khrome" mode implement some simple changes (disable tab, add new window button somewhere

and so on..) to integrate rekonq with kwin tabbing feature

TODO hero here..

Previous Roadmaps

Roadmap for 0.6

Roadmap for 0.5

Roadmap for 0.4

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