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This is the Roadmap

This document has the purpose of informing users as to in which direction rekonq is going. This is not a guarantee of what will be done!

Planned for 0.5

Feature Comment Status Assignee
Ad-Block improvements New config UI, automatic list upgrade, add blocking by CSS selector WIP adjam
Some Form of RSS Support TODO megabigbug,adjam
Awesome (KRunner) Urlbar first code can be found here. Another "experimental" implementation is here. WIP megabigbug, ivan, jonas, adjam
Auto-scrolling Support CCBUG:197519 (Mouse wheel and Shift + Arrows) TODO adjam, nebulon
Improved info in the urlbar for me, this will come connected with the awesome urlbar.. TODO adjam
Downloads history in the new tab page TODO adjam
rekonq settings improvements (new network & adblock widgets) DONE adjam
web shortcuts from a contextual menu in search fields CCBUG:218013 TODO adjam
undo close tab feature CCBUG:227127, on top of "recently closed tab" page TODO adjam
new zoom slider position (bar?) CCBUG:227829 pano did a mockup about this WIP adjam, pano
improve tab detaching && clone (trying the copy ctor road..) TODO adjam
Better mailto handling (more than better, it has to rock!) TODO adjam
"khrome" mode implement some simple changes (disable tab, add new window button somewhere

and so on..) to integrate rekonq with kwin tabbing feature

TODO hero here..
Bookmarks and history panel improvements Implement some new features (context menu, drag and drop, automatic reexpansion of folders, ...) WIP yoann21
New rekonq bar class Implement the zoombar widget and move all them (findbar, zoombar, previewselectorbar, walletbar) to inherit from the rekonq bar class, positioning them on top of the webtab WIP adjam

Planned for some future release

Feature Comment Status Assignee
New rekonq web site TODO
Multitasking WIP megabigbug, ivan
Konqueror history support Not sure I want to implement it. It means changing *a lot* of actual history management code with no real gain. I'll implement runners for rekonq history instead :) TODO adjam

Previous Roadmaps

Roadmap for 0.4

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