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Debating in IRC about this or that cool stuff we'd like to implement it sometimes happen we have no idea how to implement this :D Some of these times someone says: if I could have/use/find this method in that class, it could be easy doing.. So here is a place to collect all these. To eventually start contributing to the fantastic libs we use..  ;)



  • the QWebPage::createWindow() virtual protected method needs enhancements, in the QWebPage::WebWindowType enum, to understand ad example if the caller is a javascript program or target _blank link.
  • for a "real" :) browser, the QWebHistory class as is, seems useless for a "tab history" implementation. That's because of all the urls an user normally browse that WebKit cannot render (local ones, pdf, etc..). We usually show them using the setHtml() method. So we need one of the following:
    • Add a setHistory() method to QWebView and let people enhance the QWebHistory class themselves
    • Add a sort of addCurrentItem() to QWebHistory, letting everyone modifying current history (not the better solution, I know)
    • Add a bool to setHtml function (eg: setHtml(const QString &html, const QUrl &baseUrl = QUrl(), bool addToHistory = false) ) to eventually store baseUrl in history. 


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