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The Rekonq web browser project is looking for developers. If you're interested, here are some junior jobs to get your hands dirty.

If you seem to be getting stuck, please feel free to join #rekonq on and ask for help or guidance, especially from the ones mentioned in the corresponding task.


Add rounded corners to tab preview

Description: It would be nice if the tab preview that is visible when one hovers over a tab in the tabbar in Rekonq has rounded corners. Also, the text is currently shortened to 17 characters, adding "..." after that. This can be changed to use QFontMetrics, to show "..." only when text exceeds the limit, or maybe use QPainter to paint only a specific part of the text to a QRect. Relevant Code: Currently tab preview is code can be found in TabBar class (tabbar.cpp).

Knowledge Prerequisite: Basic Qt knowledge, QPainter knowledge would help

Level: Intermediate

Mentor: wyuka (Tirtha Chatterjee)

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