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This is the Road Map

This document has the purpose of informing users as to in which direction rekonq is going. This is not a guarantee of what will be done!

Planned for 0.3

Feature Comment Status Assignee
No menu bar Done adjam
Definitely fix NetworkAccessManager Depends on KDE 4.3.2 or greater Done adjam
Decide for a definitive UI Done the team
One urlbar Done megabigbug
user.css support Done jokerwww
KDE history support postponed after kdewebkit switch (0.4) TODO adjam
Session management WIP
Docs WIP the team
Unit test WIP adjam
Fix wiki preview bug Depends on AccessManager fixes Done adjam
Restore bookmarks bar Done adjam
Multi windows support Done
i18n error page Done adjam

after 0.3 target

Feature Comment Status Assignee
Multitasking WIP megabigbug, ivan

Planned for some future release

Feature Comment Status Assignee
Speed-dial like Home page aka "New Tab Page" DONE adjam
KRunner location bar code can be found here WIP jondedandres
New rekonq web site TODO
KWallet support Needs Qt 4.6 TODO jokerwww
Ad-Block Needs Qt 4.6 TODO
Improved info in the urlbar TODO
KDE proxy support (missing KDE classes) TODO
Some forms of rss support TODO

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