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The Master Todo List for KDE 4

Medium to Large-Scale Items

Medium to large-scale API changes that we would like to make for the next binary incompatible release.

Medium to Large-Scale Todo
Issue Person KDE Version Status
Check for forked classes in kde pim and other modules Danimo
Remove all KSocks references throughout KDE in favor of KNetwork's socket implementations. Thiago
Remove all methods marked 'deprecated' in KDE 3.x. Martijn
Make it possible to create a KSystemTray without a KMainWindow and instead lazily create the main window on demand. Martijn
Make KSystemTray add its own reference to KApp, so tray apps that adhere to the style guide can safely close their main window without having to worry about the app quitting instead. Martijn
Sort out reference counting of applications and KMainWindows: Add a setRefCountEnabled() function to KApplication; deref()ing the last reference should only quit the application if reference counts are enabled, and the reference count should be disabled by default so apps that don't use a KMainWindow mostly continue to work. Make the KMainWindow constructor call setRefCountEnabled(true), and make each KMainWindow hold its own reference to the application. The KMainWindow should drop its app reference on hide, and regain it on show.

Make KSysTray also hold a reference to the app. Then apps that use more than one main window and the tray (like KSIrc and Kopete) will quit at the right time without nasty hacks.

Richard Smith
Make some long-lasting operations threaded. There are some operations in KDE that take too long on at least ~500MHz hardware to be done using event loops. Examples are the use of KLibLoader to dlopen plugins and KRun to fire up other processes.<p>Konqueror and KMail tend to stall occasionally too, but that's harder to refactor because the bulk of the work there is X11-related. Martijn
Make it possible to use SSL-ed sockets outside KIO. KSSL isn't very suitable for reuse, and the certificate dialogs are not even available in public API at all, leading e.g. to Kopete IRC duplicating a lot of stuff and all KDE Jabber clients based on libpsi (PSI, Light Hawk and Kopete) using homebrewn solutions. [How does this have to do with changing KIO? It's just a request to have that code in a different form....] Martijn
Solve need for casting when using bitfield enums (e.g. K3Process::Communication) by the use of Q_DECLARE_FLAGS/Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS Simon
Merge kdelibs/kdecore/kuser.h and kdeadmin/kuser/kuser.h. Frans
KParts: remove plugin loading from setInstance, add an explicit loadPlugins() call in all parts that should load plugins (at the end of the derived-part ctor). David
KParts: come up with better names for ReadOnlyPart and ReadWritePart, ReadOnly is a minimum requirement, but this does not become clear until you dig deeper into the class. With QTextEdit and QTextBrowser for instance, the inheritance is the other way around. E.g.: ReaderPart? ViewerPart? David
Other ideas in this thread: <p>(Contributors to that thread, please add specific items here.) Waldo
Change classes that store bool data using strings ("true"/"false") to use bool calls (readBoolEntry()). Although not technicaly a binary incompatablity...just something to bring up for possible change (for the better)<p>Use KConfigXT instead! Frans
Is it really necessary to bother people using the KCM APIs with withFallback? I have never heard of it failing and when would you not like to have that fallback? I think a default of 'true' would be fine(and remove the argument in the APIs). Frans
Do we need to have factory arguments in the KCM API? (who would use it anyway?) Frans
The config options in kdeglobals needs to be cleaned up a little. Perhaps I'm being picky..
  • They should be named properly, for example "enableIcons" instead of "EnableIcons". Or at least settle on one thing.
  • AFAICT it would be the right thing if KWin had its own rc file instead of having its "WM" section in kdeglobals.
  • Shouldn't Sonnet have its own rc file instead of kdeglobals?
  • Should we allow spaces in option names?
  • Some option names are too short for being understandable. fixed->fixedFont; font->systemWideFont
  • Perhaps an own font section?
K3Process needs a major facelift. Not all of these items need to be BIC, but not needing to worry about legacy will certainly allow an overall cleaner solution.
  • the internals need to be encapsulated properly. many of the virtuals shouldn' t be virtual; lots of protected members should be accessible only via accessors. the current model is theoretically super-flexible, but in fact it is only super-fragile.
  • clear up pipe() vs. socketpair() usage.
  • move the draining loop from commClose() to wait()
  • add additional "channels" beyond std*, with the built-in capability of passing the fd on the command line
  • redirections, including piping multiple kprocesses together. this should make most cases of reimplementing commSetupDone{P,C} superfluous.
  • possibly create KForkProcess that covers most/all of the remaining commSetupDoneC reimplementations.
  • do something about the NoRead comm mode
  • add setComm(); remove comm arg from start(). as a side effect, this will allow for using writeStdin() in Block mode.
  • merge K3ProcIO into K3Process; add setBuffered() for separate channels.
  • use QByteArray for writeStdin(). better than the buf+len arg, as it is ref-counted.
  • better than the buf+len arg, as it is ref-counted. See [1] for some more information.
KKeyDialog needs to be improved. It should simplify using KKeyChooser by not having to instantiate KDialogBase without restricting the possibilities of KKeyChooser (for instance, being able to configure global and application accels in one dialog). If there is only little time, simply expose the KKeyChooser object instead of making it private and inaccessible. Michael Brade
Fix the APIs taking Matthias Ettrich's hints into account, most importantly fix the massive amount of bool-usage in the CTORs. Michael Brade
Implement a "default" ctor for the widgets i.e. explicit Foo(QWidget* parent =0). André Wöbbeking
Get rid of libkdesu dependency in libkio, get rid of KIO::SessionData::AuthData* Waldo
Make functions in KHelpMenu virtual so they can be overridden (ex: to provide an alternative help->contents action) George Staikos
Make sure all GUI classes adopt well to palette changes. Danimo
K3ListView lacked a setDnDMode to choose between "dnd to move items" (e.g. keditbookmarks) and "dnd onto items" (e.g. kmail). Check how to do this with QListView/QTreeView... David
Add the concept of a session to KIO, in particular for KHTML so that it can have all of its jobs associated in some way (a unique key of sorts). Will make SSL much easier to implement and allow removal of many hacks, mostly involving metadata. George Staikos
Make KLibLoader default to RTLD_GLOBAL and make necessary changes to make KDE namespace clean. Coolo
Maybe just make sure we don't emit multiple copies of per-class data (vtable,RTTI), then RTLD_LOCAL should do as well, and it should(?) be simpler this way. Lubos
Many instances of creating containers on the heap instead of stack, can be replaced? [where?] Caleb Tennis
Remove all of the (const char *name) arguments to QObject derived classes. [mostly done, what's missing?] Caleb Tennis
Add KAssistant, a new KDE standards-compliant wizard, (TODO/KAssistant) Qt4 has no QWizard (only Q3Wizard left). Add a new KDE standards-compliant wizard with a bit more powerful API and features like "Steps list" pane on the left hand ofthe wizard (user can click any step if developer allowed such action).

Example from

We could add more consistency (using themes, guidelines) in this area, as in KDE3 some apps implement wizard's features like left-hand funky pictures or help text again and again (see

Other ideas:
  • use nonintrusive "watermark" effect on the 1st or all pages index_setup20050412.jpg
  • allow to disable steps on the left-side list as an answer to calling setAppropriate().
  • QWizard's API is mostly ok for the new class, just avoid requiring to pass a pointer to page widget (as in setAppropriate()) but allow to pass QString names or IDs instead.
Jaroslaw Staniek
K3IconView/K3ListView equivalents based on Qt4 interview. As discussed on kde-core-devel,this probably means a custom QItemDelegate instead, to handle single-click/double-click, execute-mode/select-mode (cf K3IconView), number of lines used for wrapping, "held" signal.<p>In short, rewriting k3iconview features to be based on interview. For K3ListView we need to check if QTreeView supports both modes of drag-n-drop (dropping onto items, and dropping between items like in the bookmark editor). David, Till etc.
  • install man pages (e.g. doc/kdelibs/man-kbuildsycoca.8.docbook)
  • install /share/apps/ksgmltools2/customization/entities/kde-standard-accels.entities
  • win32: fix path delimiter problem generated *.bat wrapper (using ' ' instead of ';')
It looks like most of the functions KStringHandler can be removed. At least, insword, setword,remrange, and remword could be removed [DONE] . Those four don't seem to be used anywhere inside of KDE. Other functions like capitalize and reverse seem to be sparsely used. Caleb Tennis
Prevent re-entering event loop in kded to avoid reentrancy problems like with kwallet in KDE3. Lubos
Customizable KToolTip/KWhatsThis widgets, now KWhatsThis is a part of KDE GSoC "Implement OpenUsability's Context Sensitive Help Redesign" project, by Joshua Keel, mentored by Ellen Reitmayr Jaroslaw Staniek
Additional (automatic) shortcuts for KMessageBox. See Jaroslaw Staniek
Port krosskjs away from KjsEmbed to Kjs Sebastian Sauer 4.1

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