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NOTE: This page is very old and not used for the new KDE website redesign (2010).
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Who does what?
Who does what?

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Who does what?

Website Sections on www-devel.kde.org

Screenshots / Screencasts: Rainer Endres

About KDE

  • What is KDE - Jes Hall
  • The Desktop: Aaron Seigo
  • The Applications - Jes Hall
  • The Community - Jes Hall
  • The Platform - Jes Hall
  • Press

Get KDE - Jes Hall

  • Try
  • Install
  • Deploy

Get Support

  • Community Support - sebas
  • Commercial Support
  • KDE & Qt Books

Get Involved

  • Get Involved
  • Donate
  • Sponsor
  • Merchandise
  • Promote

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