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Projects/kde.org/Site Status

List of all our *.kde.org domains and their Status

SiteURLs Last ChangeUses /mediaNew Design
/apps/cervisiacervisia.kde.org End 2005nono
/apps/kafkakafka.kde.org Mid 2001nono
/apps/kmplayerkmplayer.kde.org Freshyesno
/apps/konquerorkonqueror.kde.org, www.konqueror.org Freshyesyes
/apps/konsolekonsole.kde.org Freshyesyes
/apps/kontactkontact.kde.org, www.kontact.org End 2005yesyes
/apps/kookakooka.kde.org Mid 2004nono
/apps/kpdfkpdf.kde.org Freshyesyes
/apps/ksvgsvg.kde.org End 2005yesyes
/areas/appmonthNo page, just a README.. No contentnono
/areas/cvs-digestNo real page, just framework End 2005nono
/areas/docsdocs.kde.org Freshnono
/areas/downloaddownload.kde.org Freshyesno
/areas/enterpriseenterprise.kde.org Mid 2005yesno
/areas/eventsevents.kde.org, contains the aKademy stuff Mid 2006yesno
/areas/extragearextragear.kde.org Freshyesno
/areas/guidelinesNo real website... Mid 2006nono
/areas/kofficekoffice.kde.org, www.koffice.org Freshyesno
/areas/l10nl10n.kde.org Freshyesno
/areas/pimpim.kde.org Freshyesyes
/areas/printingprinting.kde.org End 2002yesyes
/areas/worldwideworldwide.kde.org Freshyesno

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