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== Sites using Capacity and be no kde.org sites ==
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List of all our *.kde.org domains and their Status

Only pages which are maintained in our SVN are listed here, they are located in www/(apps|areas|international|sites).

Sites using Capacity

SiteURLs Last ChangeNew Design
/apps/kmplayerkmplayer.kde.org Freshyes
/apps/konquerorkonqueror.kde.org, www.konqueror.org Freshyes
/apps/konsolekonsole.kde.org Freshyes
/apps/kontactkontact.kde.org, www.kontact.org End 2005yes
/apps/kpdfkpdf.kde.org Freshyes
/apps/ksvgsvg.kde.org End 2005yes
/areas/downloaddownload.kde.org Freshyes
/areas/enterpriseenterprise.kde.org Mid 2005yes
/areas/eventsevents.kde.org Mid 2006yes
/areas/events/info/conference*akademy*.kde.org Freshyes
/areas/extragearextragear.kde.org Freshyes
/areas/kofficekoffice.kde.org, www.koffice.org Freshyes
/areas/l10nl10n.kde.org Freshyes
/areas/pimpim.kde.org Mid 2006yes
/areas/printingprinting.kde.org End 2002yes
/areas/worldwideworldwide.kde.org Freshyes
/international/brazilbr.kde.org Freshyes
/international/chinawww.kdecn.org Freshyes
/international/czechiaczechia.kde.org Freshyes
/international/germanyde.kde.org Freshyes
/international/francefr.kde.org Freshyes
/sites/accessibilityaccessibility.kde.org End 2005yes
/sites/developertechbase.kde.org Regular updatesyes
/sites/eduedu.kde.org Freshyes
/sites/games games.kde.org Freshyes
/sites/katekate.kde.org Deadyes
/sites/kbabelkbabel.kde.org End 2005yes
/sites/kde-evev.kde.org, www.kde-ev.org Freshyes
/sites/kdemailwww.kdemail.net Freshyes
/sites/kdetalkwww.kdetalk.net Freshyes
/sites/kopetekopete.kde.org, has sponsor link... Freshyes
/sites/multimediamultimedia.kde.org Mid 2006yes
/sites/noatunnoatun.kde.org Begin 2006yes
/sites/okularokular.kde.org, www.okular.org Freshyes
/sites/qualityquality.kde.org Begin 2006yes
/sites/solarissolaris.kde.org Begin 2006yes
/sites/usabilityusability.kde.org Begin 2006yes
/sites/womenwomen.kde.org Freshyes
/sites/wwwwww.kde.org Freshyes
/sites/www-develwww-devel.kde.org Freshyes/devel

Sites using their own Stuff

Site URLs Last Change System
/apps/cervisia cervisia.kde.org End 2005
/apps/kafka kafka.kde.org Mid 2001 Points to http://kdewebdev.org/
/apps/kooka kooka.kde.org Mid 2004
/areas/cvs-digest No real page, just framework End 2005
/areas/docs docs.kde.org Fresh
/areas/guidelines No real website... Mid 2006
/sites/people people.kde.org Archive
/apps/basket basket.kde.org Mid 2007
/international/india www.kde.in - wiki
/international/ireland www.kde.ie Oct 2006
/international/britain www.kde.org.uk Apr 2007
/international/india www.kde.in -
/international/israel il.kde.org -
/international/italy www.kde-it.org - e107
/international/netherlands www.kde.nl -
/international/spain www.kdehispano.org -
- techbase.kde.org Fresh mediawiki
- userbase.kde.org Fresh mediawiki
- forum.kde.org Fresh MyBB

Sites using Capacity and be no kde.org sites

Site URLs Last Change
ksystemlog ksystemlog.forum-software.org/ 2008.02

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