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KDE Web Developers Meeting for September 2008

The idea behind this meeting is to determine some future goals for the porting of and its sub domains over to a CMS system and also on the future of open collaboration services within the KDE online community.

Here is a basic list of what we're going to try and cover:

  • What is the current state of the KDE family of websites?
 > Outdated/obsolete information - how pervasive?
 > Well maintained sites
  • What obstacles are there that would make improving KDE websites difficult?
  • Changing to a CMS system
 > Which CMS do we use
 > Porting content
   * Method
   * Obstacles
 > CMS upgrades and versioning issues
  • Centralizing the management of users, information and services for all parts of the KDE community
 > Viability
 > Method
 > Open Collaboration Services
  • Organise a physical KDE WWW developers meeting

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