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This meeting focuses on KDE wikis.


See http://www.doodle.com/z2ukyr3nxx8k6bc2 for a vote.

past wiki meetings


  • how do we handle different languages (this is a follow-up)?
At the moment, all is a mess. If I do a search in a pure english installation, I may get russian results, I do not like this. This could be easily solved with namespaces.
    • possible solution: mediawiki namespaces
tstaerk's favorite solution, yet to be tested
    • possible solution: subdomains
Frederic Sheedy <[email protected]> has an interest in developing this area. we have already discussed it in broad terms. annew
  • what about wiki.kde.org (this is a follow up)?
  • rating system wanted?
  • what about breadcrumb navigation?
jstaniek is going to do this for userbase. annew
  • how do we make openid work in the sense of one login for both userbase and techbase sites?
  • can't we show "this site has been visited X times" below an article?

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