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== Discussion about kde websites ==
* IRC channel: #kde-www
* Mailinglist: [http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-www kde-www] See http://kde.org/mailinglists/ for details
* [[/Meetings/September08|September 2008 Meeting Outline]]
==Documentation for Capacity==
The current default framework for any *.kde.org domain
is the /media-framework, aka Capacity. Any documentation
about this should go here:
* [[/Staging Setup| Setting up a staging vhost]]
* [[/Capacity HOWTO| Capacity HOWTO]]
==Site Maintainance==
* [[/Site Status|Status of our *.kde.org domains]]
* International
** [[/International/German|German kde site]]
==KDE.org Upgrade/Overhaul==
* [[/Planning|Planning]]
* [[/TODO|TODO List - www-devel.kde.org]]

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