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* [[/Meetings/September08|September 2008 Meeting Outline]]
* [[/Meetings/September08|September 2008 Meeting Outline]]
* [[/Meetings/June09|wiki meeting in june 2009]]
* [[/Meetings/June09|wiki meeting in june 2009]]
* [[/Meetings/Akademy 2009]]
* [[/Meetings/Akademy 2009|website meeting at GCDS 2009]]

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This project page has been moved to community.kde.org. Please don't edit on techbase anymore.

Discussion about kde websites


Documentation for Capacity

The current default framework for any *.kde.org domain is the /media-framework, aka Capacity. Any documentation about this should go here:

Site Maintainance

KDE.org Upgrade/Overhaul

ToDo (Small tasks)

  • Update award page > Mark Ziegler, Thomas Thym

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