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The aim of this page is to list all things related to release extragear packages on a regular bases. If you are an application maintainer in extragear and want tarballs at every kde release, add the application in the list below.

You are responsible for updating changelogs, news files and version numbers.


To indicate that you want your application released together with the KDE release schedule, please list your application here:

  • graphics/kcoloredit
  • graphics/kfax
  • graphics/kiconedit
  • graphics/kgraphviewer
  • graphics/kphotoalbum
  • graphics/kpovmodeler
  • graphics/ligature
  • network/ktorrent
  • network/kmldonkey
  • network/kopete-cryptography (depends on kdenetwork and kdepim)
  • sdk/kaider
  • utils/rsibreak

Tarball comments

If you are a packager and have some comments about a particular pakackage, you can indicate the problem below. Be sure to mention your email or irc nick so we can contact you. To be clear: don't add application bugs here, only packaging bugs:

  • plasma tarball contains no LICENSE file. trigger/oftc
  • ktorrents cmake does not errors on a missing libgmp3-devel
  • kpovmodeler does not compile, some missing dependency i think.
  • no translated docs. anyone know an app that has docbook and that's translated?

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