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Short term

  • History issues in KPart
    • Needs additions in QtWebKit. Discussed with Simon Hausmann; addition in QWebHistory: saveState, loadState to keep WebKit history in sync with Konquerors history

Mid term

  • Fix flash and other plugins with WebKit trunk. Infrastructure is there, works also in Qt-only integration of QtWebKit, but not in the KPart. Needs some investigations why.
  • Implement form completion / password save
  • Get as much of the library into kdelibs as possible. Already the QtNetwork/KIO bridge is there.

Long term

  • Konqueror integration;
    • User defined custom stylesheets are working but the accessibility stylesheet is not.
    • Extensions like e.g. Akregator newsfeed and WebArchiver. Some like the uachangerplugin are already working fine.

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