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The WebKitKDE library sits on top of QtWebKit, providing KDE integration (for example, WebActions using KDE icons and shortcuts, downloading using KIO, etc). WebKitKDE provides the following classes:


A QWebView with KDE integration. KWebPage* KWebView::page() : Overridden from QWebView, it return a KWebPage instead of a QWebPage.
QWidget* KWebView::searchBar() : Get a search bar widget, usable for searching the page.
void setCustomContextMenu(bool) [slot] : Should KWebView use it's own context menu, or should it emit a signal on right-click.
void showContextMenu() [signal] : If setCustomContextMenu is set to true, this signal will be emited when the user right-clicks on the page.
void openUrlInNewTab(const KUrl) [signal] : When the user middle-clicks a link, instead of opening it, KWebView will emit this signal. In tab-enabled browsers, this usually results in opening a new tab.


A QWebPage with KDE integration.

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