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This page is still work in progress.


This project aims to integrate WebKit (QtWebKit) into KDE.

Please see also: Will KDE be using WebKit? How can I use WebKit in Konqueror?

The project is made up of the following components:

There is also a TODO list avilable with tasks which needs to be done.

Bugs submitted for all WebKit related components can be found here.

If you would like to discuss things releated to WebKit integration into KDE, you can join the mailing list: <webkit-devel kde.org>.

Hacking [Qt]WebKit

Build instructions


Overview of QtWebKit classes


IRC on freenode, #webkit, #qtwebkit

Get the source

SVN: http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk
  or (unofficial git mirror)
GIT: http://gitorious.org/qtwebkit/qtwebkit - QtS convenience git repo, use it but submit patches to svn.webkit.org
 => creates WebKit/Build

Patch queue


cd Webkit Build/

Uploading a patch

1) git/svn diff 2) webkittools/Scripts/prepare_ChangeLog 3) Edit changelogs 4) Create new bug on bugs.webkit.org (component: QtWebKit) 5) Attach patch including changelog 6) mark attachment for review with r? 7) wait or find someone on irc #webkit for reviewing & landing 8) r+ (means ok; otherwise r-) & land

Tool: WebKitTools/Scripts/bugzilla-tool

Unit tests


Layout tests

clone http://gitorious.org/qtwebkit/testfonts

set WEBKIT_TESTFONTS=/path/to/cloned/fonts

WebKitTools/Scrits/run-webkit-tests - MAY BE FLAKY

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